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Intelecis is the only company in Orange County specializing in advanced cyber protection.

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Would you go to a primary care doctor for a heart transplant? Of course not! You would choose a cardiac specialist.  This is precisely why your organization needs a cyber security specialist, with an in-house IT staff, in order to protect sensitive business information.

We offer professional Orange County IT support and cyber security services to businesses all throughout central California.

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About Us

With almost 40 years of experience, Intelecis works in some of the most secure environments around the globe, including classified military intelligence.  Our success in advanced cyber security will give you a peace of mind that sensitive information will be kept safe and protected. We are so confident in our ability, and you can be in your decision, that we offer a risk-free, unconditional, 365 day total satisfaction guarantee on all managed cyber security service plans, or the agreement can be canceled with a 30 day notice.

Due to the fact, that each business has different needs, our managed service packages are tailored to the needs, size, and/or budget of your organization.  Your network is monitored 24/7, which means that potential problems are prevented before they cause chaos.  Intelecis is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Cyber security threats are real; therefore, potential security breaches are assessed, identified, and corrected.  Outlined below are some ways that Intelecis can help.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

This service provides a comprehensive look at security vulnerabilities within your organization. Vulnerabilities are targeted on a variety of devices, including servers, laptops, desktops, routers, and embedded devices. Hidden flaws within your company, where a cyber-attack may occur, are investigated and remediation guidance is applied.

Internal and external attacks are identified, using specialized software that is remotely managed by the Security Operations Center experts. If a cyber threat is identified, you are provided access to all reports that note vulnerabilities, along with recommended action to fix the flaws. These reports are designed to provide you with potential holes in security, so that action can be immediately taken, to increase your current level of cyber security.

Tracking Your Progress

Knowing the potential vulnerabilities, within your organization is vitally important, and having the insight into how to resolve these vulnerabilities is just as important. Intelecis will provide a concise view of potential threats, and how to maximize security efforts within your organization.

Managed Intrusion Prevention Service (MIPS)

This service is designed to protect your organization from the most up-to-date cyber threats. Intelecis is different, because we don’t just alert you of potential threats, we also handle the situation.

Defending your confidential data and web applications, requires identifying emerging trends in cyber-attacks. For instance, a sudden spike in the rate of attacks could mean that your company is being actively targeted, and strategies need to be adjusted quickly. The team at Intelecis tracks, tests, and optimizes protection elements, to make sure your system is always up-to-date and secure.

Intelecis is an IT and cyber service company that is trusted throughout Orange County and the United States, so let us help you with all your IT needs, and keep all your confidential data safe and secure.  Call us today at 949-829-2374, or send an e-mail to