Cyber security is extremely important in today’s business environment. Most business is conducted electronically, and much of what we do can be accessed online. We are dedicated to ensuring the security of your business network online and offline. We thoroughly examine all aspects of your company’s electronic communication channels and information storage setup to discover potential security vulnerabilities and ensure you are not at risk for data theft.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

The Intelecis team’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment service gives you a comprehensive look into the ongoing security vulnerabilities within your environment. The Intelecis team provides full insight into your environment pinpointing vulnerabilities in a wide range of devices including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Mac
  • Servers
  • Network Devices (Routers, Switches, Win/Linux)
  • Embedded Devices

Potential hidden flaws that may allow an attacker to access your organization are investigated and remediation guidance is applied with the Intelecis Managed Vulnerability Assessment (MVA) service.

How Are Security Holes Identified?

Intelecis is focused on identifying vulnerabilities from both external and internal attackers. We accomplish this by installing vulnerability assessment software within your network. The software is then remotely managed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts who control and/or provide:

  • Scheduled Vulnerability Scans
  • Manual Correlation of Findings
  • Analysis of Findings
  • Annotation of Findings
  • Near Real-Time Dialog on Identified Issues

What is Done When a Security Hole is Identified?

  • Intelecis MVA service clients are given access to all reporting via our client portal. Your MVA Report includes a description of vulnerabilities found, along with actionable recommended steps to fix your identified system flaws.
  • We prioritize your report based on security factors including the impact of a successful attack against your vulnerabilities and our deep insight into the prevalence of such attacks.
  • Above all, your Intelecis Managed Vulnerability Assessment report is designed to enable your technical staff to immediately initiate remediation steps to increase your current level of security.

Intelecis experts are always available to advise on findings and answer questions during your remediation process.

Tracking Your Progress

Knowing where your organization is vulnerable is of extreme importance. Having Insight into how teams react and resolve vulnerabilities is just as important. Intelecis provides a clear view of where progress is being made allowing your team to prioritize where time is spent in order to optimize your organizations security efforts.

Your Managed Vulnerability Assessment remediation progress will be tracked over time via dynamic charts within the Intelecis client portal. Intelecis remediation tracking reports provide clear insight into which of your vulnerabilities are being successfully addressed by your security team. We also outline where additional effort or guidance may be needed. Our security experts are always available to assist you in achieving your optimal level of security.

Managed Intrusion Prevention

The Intelecis Managed Intrusion Prevention Service (MIPS) is a complete endpoint security solution protecting against the most cutting edge threats within today’s landscape.

We implement best-in-class endpoint security technology and combine it with continuously developed processes. Intelecis security teams are led by expert analysts and engineers providing the most contextually driven endpoint security solutions in the industry.

How is Intelecis Different?

” We don’t alert on incidents. We handle the incident.”

Intelecis “Closed Loop” Incident Response

As a fully Managed Endpoint Security solution, Intelecis believes in a true “closed-loop” incident response process for your team. We don’t simply identify your endpoint security problem, we identify, process, analyze, and provide remediation for the malicious incident. Closing-the-loop with incident response is focused on protecting your endpoints and defending your organization.

Intelecis Workflow

Intelecis implements highly evolved, workflow-driven, proprietary incident response tool-sets offering you something truly unique. We leverage the telemetry and instrumentation delivered by best-in-class endpoint security technology. Combining this with our continuously developed and improved processes set, we provide a truly streamlined workflow to defend your organization.

Intelecis “Tailored Threat Intelligence”

Intelecis understands that every client is unique, you bring your own set of security needs and you need a solution that reflects that. Intelecis leads the industry with ongoing context based threat intelligence. Our fully managed endpoint security service continuously evolves with your organization’s needs offering a true “Tailored” Threat Intelligence endpoint security solution.

The Result?

Intelecis Managed Threat Intelligence service delivers organization-specific, actionable threat intelligence providing true situational awareness to our clients.

Managed Web Application Firewall

Intelecis Managed Web Application Firewall (MWAF) offers your organization cutting edge protection from malicious traffic targeting your web application. Intelecis provides implementation, configuration, and 24/7 monitoring of your Web Application Firewall. We believe that using a human-driven monitoring and response process is the best approach to offer the optimal level of protection. This process also allows our experts to stay nimble and adaptive to emerging threats.

Utilizing the Cloud

We utilize a cloud-based architecture to provide protection and subsequently both manage and respond to security incidents. We leverage data caching through globally distributed content delivery networks in an effort to improve your website’s performance and reduce server load.

Optimizing Web Application Traffic

Our objective is to filter out bad traffic before it reaches your websites, and accelerate the good or legitimate traffic flowing to your websites. To effectively filter this traffic we collect our threat intelligence from multiple sources to provide optimal protection. We start by observing and monitoring the traffic flowing to your web application first-hand. We then utilize the collective incident information from across our client base to enrich events and facilitate targeted responses.

What Makes Intelecis MWAF Different?

Disrupting Determined Attackers

No security system is 100% safe. Heavily automated systems can be infiltrated by a determined threat actor who will probe, improvise, and eventually access your system. It takes the human eye of our 24/7 experts to work with the security systems and disrupt these determined threat actors from gaining access. We leverage our threat intelligence to investigate threat actor IP addresses, confirming their malicious nature, and permanently blocking them. This process effectively disrupts threat actors before they can find their way around your web application firewall.

Management of Configuration & Updates

A good security system can be rendered useless by mis-configuration or inadequate updates when changes to the environment are made. We take the time to integrate new features and updates as they are released, ensuring you receive the highest level of protection from your web application firewall. We will track, test and optimize these protection elements for you, making sure your system is always up to date.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

The individual blocked attacks are part of something bigger. Successfully defending your web applications requires seeing the bigger picture and identifying emerging attack trends. A sudden spike in your attack rate could mean that your organization is being actively targeted and may need to adjust strategies and tactics quickly. Tracking these data sets, applying thorough investigation, and arriving at sound conclusions requires human expertise leveraging threat intelligence. It takes human expertise to see this bigger picture.

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