Windows Copilot is a new AI tool that can aid you in rewriting your content, snip, copying and pasting, and many more. Although AIs like this have revolutionized the way we work, it’s still a good idea to keep your sensitive data secured.


Windows Copilot isn’t the company’s first AI assistant, as anyone who recalls Cortana will know. Microsoft believed that Cortana will dominate the market for virtual assistants in the future and would work with both Amazon Alexa and Windows 10. Although it didn’t end up occurring, it’s still feasible that Windows Copilot will turn out to be a tool that consumers truly desire to use.


On May 23 during their yearly Build conference, the company unveiled the AI assistant powered by Microsoft Edge and Bing chat. Windows Copilot, according to Windows Central, was supposed to be live in June but is only now being sent to Windows Insider Dev channel members. Later this year, as a part of the significant Windows 11 feature update, the capability will become available to all Windows users.


Microsoft has positioned Copilot to be “front and center” of your Windows experience. The Copilot icon will be located on your desktop right next to the Windows 11 search bar, making it difficult to overlook the new function. Additionally, it will follow you around as you work in the form of a sidebar that Microsoft claims will be “consistent across your apps, programs, and windows.”


In addition to handling copy and paste operations, Snap Assist, Snipping Tool, and other features, the new AI assistant will also be able to rewrite your content. Thanks to Bing Chat’s integration with Windows Copilot and its ever-expanding collection of third-party plugins, it can also handle the question-answering features.


You must update Microsoft Edge to version 115 or above if you’re signed up for the Windows Insider Program’s Dev channel. Of course, make sure you have the most recent Dev build installed. 


Microsoft benefits from knowing where Cortana fell short. In that regard, the business is aware of what to avoid doing using Windows Copilot. For instance, while Copilot is specifically designed to handle PC activities, Cortana didn’t make them any more efficient.


Although AI has revolutionized the way we work nowadays, it’s still a good idea to keep your sensitive data secure. We sometimes tend to overlook securing our very personal information when inputting some content on our AI tool. Prevention is better than cure, we can never know when cybercriminals will take over the very tools that we use. 


Use AI with caution or if you want to make sure that you are secured, you can always rely on the professionals. Here at Intelecis, we have the high end technology to combat and prevent cyber threats. We also have fast and friendly cybersecurity experts who are available 24/7 to respond to your needs. Reap the benefits of AI safely, contact us today!