When things go wrong with technology in the classroom, or in the faculty room, teachers/administrators /students need to know that they can go to someone for assistance. They must also be confident that their technological environment will not change without any warning – the things that worked in the last lesson will not be blocked or broken.

Some schools must share IT support staff, which means they only have on-site support a few days a week. Many schools make mistakes when it comes to hiring IT personnel. Support staff are typically hired for their technical skills rather than their customer service abilities. As a result, technical-focused IT staff have a backlog of work and little time or desire to engage with, reassure, and support educators who need it the most.

In order to provide pedagogically focused guidance and support for technology integration, many schools now appoint teachers to eLearning roles. However, if these teachers also have a heavy teaching load, they will be stretched thin and unable to help everyone. This invariably means that some of their coworkers who require the most assistance (often those who do not ask) will be left behind. As a result, these eLearning positions cannot and should not be mistaken for adequate IT support.

The foundation of establishing this level of trust is having a customer-focused, well-resourced, and supportive IT department. Working with a managed IT service provider who specializes in meeting the needs of both private and public educational institutions, from charter schools to local school district campuses. Our clients partner with us for all their technology needs to that they can focus on their core business.