With an MSP, your business can benefit more when it comes to cost saving, better expertise, 24/7 availability, data protection, and proactive monitoring. MSPs can bring more value into your company than just  mere IT support.


We get it, you sometimes just want IT guys onsite to help with your IT right away. Someone you can see and monitor, that way you know your problem is being fixed on the spot. For some businesses that don’t require that much IT or variety of expertise when it comes to IT, this works. But this system has a lot of significant limitations.


These are the significant limitations when hiring an “IT Guy”:


  • Assume you have one IT technician, who works about 40 hours per week. Your weekly demands could be as little as 40 hours. But what if the needs are consistent? There are consistent needs from multiple users, or a project needs to be finished that will take longer than is practical. A roadblock results from delays in business deliverables like proposals and shipments as well as a slowdown of the company’s growth. Having one or few guys to do a heavy workload could definitely slow the flow of your business.


  • No single person can perform all the support required in IT due to the wide range of abilities required. They might be excellent at email but terrible at backups, competent at desktop support but lacking in security. In reality, every small business need expertise in at least nine different technical fields, and one person or even two cannot fill the gap. You might even believe you are obtaining enough knowledge, but how can you be sure everything was done correctly and there won’t be any problems in the future? Unavoidably, there will be a failure in a crucial area.


  • Finally, there is a limitation on the business’s ability to know what is happening in IT, which is related to the inability to know whether the skills are appropriate. The average business leader has minimal IT knowledge, and you will pay a price for this when you have to accept the exclusive viewpoint of your single IT tech. A budget or even a result cannot be managed. We have innumerable examples of a single IT technician telling a company that they need a long list of highly expensive pieces of hardware and software that dont even tailor to the demands of the company. 


Why hire an MSP instead?


A managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party company that offers to cater all your IT needs and other routine and regular IT services.


Here are the benefits of hiring an MSP:


  • Hiring and training internal IT workers is expensive. You can cut costs by outsourcing your IT operations to a managed service provider. Additionally, managed IT services let you save upfront expenses on expensive hardware and software by only paying for the services you use. This can assist in lowering total IT expenditures and enhancing budget planning. 


  • Managed IT services can be customized to match the unique needs of your company. As a result, you can select the amount of assistance and services that best suit your needs and your financial situation.


  • An MSP will give you a team of skilled IT specialists who can offer expert guidance on a variety of IT-related concerns. Small firms that might not have the resources to hire a full-time IT team may find this to be of special value.


  • Managed IT services could make your company run more efficiently by proactively monitoring and maintaining your IT systems. Such issues could be identified and resolved before they affect the operations of your business. 


  • The protection of data is a top responsibility for businesses of all sizes. By providing frequent security updates and monitoring for potential threats, managed IT services may improve the security of your IT systems. This can help protect your business from costly data breaches and cyberattacks that damage your brand.


Hiring an MSP can benefit your business in more ways than one. Of course, you might want your IT to be right there when you need them, but now is the best time to try and give an MSP a chance to prove how they could definitely improve your IT experience. 


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