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Technology keeps changing and expanding in leaps and bounds. For small businesses, these changes could mean better applications and new ideas in productivity as well as changes in their need for managed IT services. Tech experts suggest that 2017 will see a number of ideas become more prevalent, each of which could affect decisions made about small business managed IT services in different ways.

Cloud Services Gaining Wider Acceptance

It did take some time for cloud computing to gain a foothold; however, confidence in cloud platforms is growing quickly. The biggest concern that many companies have had about going to cloud services has always been network security. Fortunately, those fears are finally beginning to relax.

This growing acceptance of cloud-based computing comes as a result of multiple factors that include an understanding of the advantages, improved security products that include cloud platforms, and the increased awareness of managed IT services as an effective security solution.

Cybersecurity Remains A Top Concern

IT cybersecurity overall remains a primary concern for businesses today as threats become more sophisticated and digital business information more valuable. What began as security concerns over a limited number of devices has grown to become a need to protect countless different types of devices. Wireless connectivity through so many devices offers many advantages; however, it also creates new security challenges that small business managed IT services must now consider.

Business Collaboration Is Becoming Standard

Collaboration is also becoming a more accepted way of improving efficiency. While email remains the most universally used communication tool, nearly half of all companies are beginning to explore collaboration tools that offer text chat, voice chat, and video conferencing as well as other functions. As these tools continue to evolve and improve which in turn increases user numbers along the way, managed IT services are faced with even more challenges as they implement usage of these products in the most secure ways.

The Rise of Mobile Payment Apps

As the use of mobile devices continues to increase, so does the demand for mobile payment apps. There are more ways to pay than ever before; implementing these applications into small business managed IT services requires careful attention. Businesses naturally want to provide as many payment options as they can for customers and clients. On the other hand, the addition of these applications further increases the demand for effective network management and security measures.

Based on these noted trends possible in 2017, the need for comprehensive network security and skillful managed IT services is paramount. As businesses look to improve efficiency and productivity with cloud computing as well as the use of new collaboration and payment applications, staying safe across all networks and devices is going to be even more important. With the right small business managed IT services, companies can gain the advantages this newer technology provides while also maintaining essential IT security!

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