The need for controlling and safeguarding access to the resources employees utilize to complete their work have fundamentally changed as a result of the cloud’s introduction and work-from-anywhere capabilities.

We should go over the specifics of what JumpCloud can achieve for an organization before delving into its worth. JumpCloud maintains and connects users to their IT resources in a secure manner as a cloud directory service. The following is included in this:

  • Linux, Windows, and Macintosh
  • On-premises and cloud servers
  • Applications based on LDAP and SAML
  • Productivity programs: Office 365 and G Suite
  • Virtual and physical file storage
  • Networks: RADIUS-enabled wired and wireless

Of course, we cannot dismiss the financial factors in favor of the intangible rewards. When evaluating the monetary worth of JumpCloud, there are many different aspects to consider.

IT organizations don’t require as many IT workers when using JumpCloud since IT environments are more efficient than they would be using Active Directory or OpenLDAP. As an illustration, Cabify can service 1,500 users in 11 nations with just 7 IT personnel. Maintaining the same IT employees as the rest of the firm grows can be a significant financial savings given that the average hourly compensation for an IT administrator is $41.51.

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