Smart clients like you won’t go for an IT company that is less than excellent. You’d always want the best partner for your growing company. Great companies work together as they have the same goals, thrive, and always go for excellence. And that’s what we are here at Intelecis. To be better than great and provide an IT service that is beyond expectations.


Are you tired of sending a ticket when you have an IT problem? Wouldn’t it just be easy and not time-consuming just call for IT support right away? You can do that with us! We know how frustrating it is to just want an immediate fix and yet here you are, sending a ticket for support that won’t come right away.

100% Industry Leading CSAT Orange County


We will go the extra mile to give you the best quality of service. We understand how important it is to get your goals done on a day-to-day basis, what we do is lend an extra hand for you to be more productive and secured that your company is going in the right direction. You can always count that live up to the 5-star rating from our satisfied clientele. We always deliver “WOW”. We know how frustrating it is to hire IT guys who don’t deliver what they promise. That you feel like you’re just one ordinary client to them, someone they’d just go on with their day and not even minding what your real concerns are. Well, not with us. We under-promise but we over-deliver. We always make it a point to uphold our standards and treat you like you are our only client. We will cater to every need and more.


IT partners that do regular check-ins for no reason just shows you that they genuinely care about you and your company and that they are not just selling their services. Most of our clients are surprised when we do this. They never experienced having IT guys who care about how their business is going and provides you with solutions that would further grow your company.


It’s not easy to find an IT partner who will empower you. Having an issue with your IT-related tasks is inevitable, that’s why, it is crucial to find a partner who is solution-minded. Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to solve your problem, and if the problem can’t be easily resolved, they will not leave you hanging. Instead, they will assure you that they will provide you onsite support and will let you know that they will escalate further. Here at Intelecis, our core values include empowering our employees which in turn provides a ripple effect on how they treat our clients.


You want great IT guys that are empathetic? Our team consists of IT guys who are kind and will talk to you with in depth understanding of what you are dealing with. We know what it feels like to work with rude IT guys. And another great thing, we are available 24/7. So don’t bother sleeping soundly at night, because your IT and cybersecurity will be well taken care of. You will have peace of mind knowing your business is in good hands. We are a call away if you need us.


Some IT companies will just sell you their services just for profit, but we value other things. We are here to help businesses grow and be secured from any threat. We value the people we work with and empower them to be better at what they do. We will share your goals and be there to grow with you through any circumstance. If you want to have peace of mind and just want to grow your business and have us take care of your IT, call us today.