IT support Orange CountyWith IT security, there are numerous issues that business owners and IT people need to consider. Unfortunately, some of these security issues are getting overlooked, which cause problems with IT security, such as hacking problems.

Here a few of the more common issues that are overlooked.

  • The biggest threat overlooked with IT security is the employees itself

The biggest threat that is getting overlooked with IT security art the employees themselves.  We as business owners know the risks of IT security, hackers, malware, and even ransomware, but do your employees know these risks too?

Your employees might not know about IT security, or don’t really care about risking your systems to being hacked or not.  Luckily, there are some things that you can do to minimize the risks that employees can do to your internet and IT safety.

  • How can employees be the biggest IT security risk?

The first thing that you might be thinking is, “How can employees be the biggest IT security risk?”, “Do they even know that hacking and ransomware is a reality, and not just rumors that aren’t true?” Here are some of the more common employee errors in cyber security.

  1. Opening emails that has spam or malware in it.
  2. Creating passwords that are easy to remember for them, but easy to breach for a hacker.
  3. Downloading not work-related information, that are full of viruses and malware.

These are all examples of how employees can be the biggest IT security risk.

  • Making employees aware of IT security risks

The good news is that there are a couple of things that you as the business owner can do to make employees aware of IT security risks.

You can send everyone on the internet for IT security training where they can learn about hackers, hacking, and malware.   Additionally, how they personally can ensure that they don’t expose the business to security risks.  You can also have a personnel meeting where you are explaining the importance of IT security safety.

 What you as the business owner can do about it

In addition to educating your employees, there are some other things that you can do about it as well. You can make some serious rules about employees using the internet for personal use.  Forbid the use of personal emails, downloading, or anything else that is not work-related to prevent any IT security risks.

In summary, the most overlooked IT security risk are the employees that are working at the business. Employees that don’t care or are unaware about viruses or malware. With this guide, you as the business owner get some guidelines on how you can ensure that you don’t overlook this IT security risk.