HIPAAMany medical offices are unaware that sending text messages might break HIPAA rules. Certainly, many nurses and doctors communicate about work-related matters via text, but they can be exposing themselves to unnecessary security risks. For example, standard text messages are not encrypted, which poses a significant security vulnerability. You have no control of that message once you press the send button. In addition, documentation must always be present for a patient’s medical records, and that is nearly impossible with text messages. Surprisingly, there are no specific HIPAA laws regarding rules for sensitive information being communicated via text, but they do state the healthcare provider is responsible for the security of such messages. Fortunately, an IT services provider in Los Angeles can provide additional protective measures. Here are three ways texting can be more secure:

1. Encryption

One of the best ways to secure information is through the use of encryption. Encryption can keep text messages secure and prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to these messages. An IT security provider can ensure each of your employees’ phones uses messaging systems that take advantage of encryption technology. Encryption has been used in a wide variety of areas and is the most effective way to keep confidential information from slipping into the hands of cybercriminals.

2. Security Risk Analysis

An IT services provider in Los Angeles can also provide a security risk analysis, which will help you identify any areas of instability. Besides keeping text messages secure, a managed security service provider (MSSP) will ensure that the entire infrastructure is well protected. If any weaknesses are identified, the MSSP will immediately begin working on a resolution to guarantee all medical records are safe and secure. This security risk analysis will happen on a frequent basis as remaining in HIPAA compliance is critical for any medical facility.

3. Create Policies

Another effective security measure is the creation of policies to limit the sharing of personal information through text messaging. An IT security provider can work with a medical office and create a well-designed strategy that focuses on protecting data while allowing employees the convenience of using text messages. These policies can vary depending on the medical facility but are a good way to create a structure to minimize the risk of committing a HIPAA violation.

Text messaging is a common practice in the workforce. Partnering with an IT services provider in Los Angeles can help your medical office avoid committing any HIPAA violations. Intelecis is an IT security provider that focuses on medical cybersecurity and will keep your organization safe and secure from data breaches, downtime, or HIPAA violations. We provide proactive support to ensure that your company does not become the next victim of mass data loss. We continually strive for perfection and will always look ways to improve the security of communications. If you are interested in our services, contact us now and let us discuss the many advantages of having an IT security service provider.