Worried About The WannaCry Virus?

Afraid Your Office Computers Are Infected?

Let Intelecis Audit Your Computers!

News of the WannaCry virus has created global fear about being held hostage by ransomware known as the WannaCry Virus, leaving companies worrying:

  • Is the security of my network at risk?
  • What about my data and our client’s information?
  • Will we be held hostage by this virus?
  • What about HIPPA Compliance regulations – will we be fined?

By reducing our normal cost of $995 to only $197, Intelecis can offer companies peace of mind by scanning your computers and providing a report of our findings. If any malware or ransomware is found, the professionals with Intelecis are here to help! We can discuss the problem and create a plan of action for fixing the problem if one exists.

Don’t Let Hackers Hold Your Company Hostage!

Let Intelecis Restore Your Peace of Mind!

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