Email IconIT services providers in Los Angeles are well-versed in spotting phishing attacks and can help companies protect themselves against the fallout if any of their staff are taken in by them. Cybersecurity should be taken seriously as hackers are constantly finding new and ingenious ways to part unsuspecting people and businesses from their money.

Additionally, hackers don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy these days as there is a thriving industry on the dark net selling all the programs and paraphernalia a criminal needs to begin phishing, so more nefarious individuals are taking advantage of this. This means you and your employees need to be very aware of what constitutes a phishing email and to check all communications carefully.

Types of Phishing Emails

There are three main types of phishing email. These are:

  • Mass Phishing
  • Spear Phishing
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)

The first is the easiest to spot as it will usually be an email purporting to come from a recognized firm but will have a generic greeting, such as “Dear Customer” instead of a specific name. They often use panic tactics to get readers to act quickly and without thinking, referencing the possibility of an account being shut down because of previously incorrect logins or similar. They will then request that the user logs in via a provided link. These links often redirect to another website where details are harvested and money or information can then be stolen.

Spear phishing is similar but usually targets a particular while seeming to come from a recognized source. IT services providers in Los Angeles have found BEC-type hackers have often trawled social media sites like LinkedIn to utilize real names within a company to target company funds, and these can be very difficult to spot.

How to Protect Your Company from Phishing

The most important step is to make sure your employees are aware of the different types of phishing and how the emails might look. These messages will try to elicit login details, download a virus, or in some way get the reader to part with cash. So, it is important your employees are constantly checking before every click.

Everyone must be vigilant if they are to prevent cybersecurity lapses. Cybercriminals are mostly interested in cold hard cash, any request to transfer funds should go through at least one extra step of verification before it is believed, and bank accounts are accessed.

To make sure your company is not at risk from phishing attacks, partner with an IT services provider in Los Angeles. At Intelecis, we are an IT provider that had many years of experience in spotting phishing attacks and helping companies prevent any security issues because of them. Contact us now and let us start protecting your company and keep you safe from unscrupulous hackers.