With managed IT services, organizations can receive unlimited IT support and preventive monitoring of their IT infrastructure for a set monthly fee. Many advantages are offered by managed IT services, including enhanced productivity and competitiveness, lower labor costs, quick adoption of new technology, lowered risks, compliance, security, and a lot more. Here’s why Intelecis is the best choice for your Accounting Firm.


  1. Intelecis permits you to communicate sensitive information with your clients and reliable partners. It takes little time to set up firewalls, a safe VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your employees and distant offices, and highly affordable security solutions. We also incorporate routine maintenance and technology updates. Utilizing managed antivirus and managed malware, we’ll assist you in reducing threats and weaknesses.
  2. Intelecis takes care of software maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your accounting firm is always operating at its best. Intelecis will be there to support a smooth transition to new hardware platforms or within the cloud when new hardware upgrades are required.
  3. Your IT is streamlined to improve performance, dependability, and efficiency by integrating with and working with your clients and partners. Intelecis guarantees network dependability, standards, business continuity, cloud backup, disaster recovery, and data encryption. We will be able to fix any hardware flaws that could result in downtime thanks to our proactive, round-the-clock network monitoring. You can reach our Support/Help Desk by phone for rapid assistance with any significant corporate network or employee productivity difficulties.
  4. In the financial sector, adhering to compliance rules is essential for the safety and security of your company, your business partners, and most crucially, your clients. Risk assessment, data/work process, software compliance, backup, remote access, training, and more are all included in Intelecis’ efficient methodology.

In the event that all of your data was taken, what would happen to your accounting firm? What if spyware, ransomware, spam, or viruses managed to hack or harm your clients’ files? You won’t have to worry ever again thanks to Intelecis’ Managed Services. Talk to us.