Co-managed IT is essentially a service that enables a company to incorporate a managed service provider for extra IT assistance within an internal IT department. Collaboration with various IT managers enables a more individualized and adaptable approach to IT projects and difficulties. Most businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from using a co-managed service. However, businesses that are eager to expand may stand to gain the most.

Let us give you the Top 5 Advantages of having a Co-Managed IT as part of your business growth:

  1. Enhanced Security – The more eyes that can spot possible problems, the better for network security. Having the highest level of network security is crucial since it goes hand in hand with network transparency. Small and large businesses alike must constantly guard against security threats in the age of cybercrime to avoid problems like data leaks. A company can strengthen its current network security and implement procedures that will stop future security problems by utilizing an integrated co-managed service.
  2. Responsiveness improvement – Employees cannot be slowed down by downtime or other technical issues in the commercial environment of today. Having 24/7/365 assistance is essential to ensuring that your team can always remain productive, even during periods of high traffic. Help is constantly accessible for your users with a support services provider by your side, whether it be during the day, night, weekends, or holidays.
  3. More predictable Expenses – The minimal startup costs and consistent monthly payments of managed IT services make it simpler for you to plan your IT budget.
  4. Escalation Point for Complex Issues – Your workforce has a backup plan for IT problems they can’t address thanks to co-managed IT. Co-managed IT isn’t only a point of escalation, though. Co-managed IT, according to an expert, functions similarly to an “escalation plan plus the administration of assets like the backups, servers, and firewalls.”.
  5. Internal IT personnel can concentrate on innovation – Your managed IT service provider will take care of the day-to-day logistics so that your IT staff can concentrate on your business’ core skills and the cutting-edge concepts that will maintain it at the forefront of your sector.

The co-managed service will then collaborate with internal IT personnel to develop fresh tactics and procedures that can be incorporated into the existing framework. The co-managed service will subsequently be integrated into the company, providing the latter with a reliable one-stop shop for all of its potential IT needs. Be open to new possibilities, contact Intelecis to discover how co-managing your IT Support works better for you!