This threat is specific to finance department employees. The Silicon Valley Bank has recently collapsed and hackers are using this panic to lure and target employees in the finance department with malware, ransomware, and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.


It is urgent that you immediately notify your financial staff to refrain from opening emails, clicking on any email attachments, or visiting any email links that are not coming from well-known, trustworthy sources. Think before you click. 


Attackers will attempt to infect the computers of your staff with malware or ransomware by sending fake emails with malicious attachments and links in an effort to take advantage of the terrible SVB scenario. Additionally, they will conduct BEC assaults by demanding account adjustments from what appear to be reliable sources. BEC, also known as business email compromise, is less well-known than ransomware. This is a hacker strategy where they spoof emails to appear to be from vendors or in command personnel at your company. These hackers will attempt to charge payments as soon as they have access to your company email, and because these communications appear to be extremely official, you will likely be tricked. 


Attackers frequently use crises to trick employees into taking actions that result in malicious infections. SVB-based schemes should not be trusted! Falling victim to these schemes will greatly impact your company in a very damaging way. That’s why it is dire that you stay cautious of any malicious emails. 


Over the next weeks, we firmly advise that your finance team and all other workers exercise additional caution with regard to any inbound contact from all sources regarding the SVB situation. We also advise that your security analysts pay extremely close attention to any alarms produced by your extended detection and response (XDR) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms. These platforms are used to detect and prevent cyber threats of a form.


If your finance company still doesn’t have a cybersecurity analyst or if you want to take extra precaution, feel free to talk to us today about having robust cybersecurity in place to combat against any cyber threats.