Today’s world depends on technology more than ever. The emergence and development of technology have improved human existence, but convenience has also increased the threat of cyberattacks. You are very likely to experience a cyber assault if you utilize a tech device for any reason. In order to secure yourself, you’ll require cyber security.

The term “cyber security” refers to a group of techniques, tools, and procedures that work together to defend computer systems, networks, and data against hacker attacks and illegal access. Protecting all organizational assets against external and internal threats as well as disruptions brought on by natural catastrophes is the primary goal of cyber security.

Recent studies indicate that the average cost of cybercrimes to a business last year was over US$13 million. A significant rise in data breaches involving financial information, health records, trade secrets, personal information, and intellectual property was also identified by research. Instead of losing a fortune to industrial espionage, you would prefer to spend a bit more on cyber security and save a lot on your organization’s defense. Intelecis can help you decide on how to take care of your business needs when it comes to cyber security.

Part of saving up is taking care of the categories you already have and not letting them get into the wrong hands. Here are some domains you need to secure for you not to spend emergency coinage.

  • Data security and identity management

Frameworks, procedures, and other actions that enable the authentication and authorization of authorized users to access information systems within an organization comprise identity management. Data security requires putting in place reliable information storage systems that guarantee the safety of data both in transit and at rest.

  • Network Protection

Implementing hardware and software safeguards for the network and infrastructure against illegal access, disruptions, and abuse constitutes network security. Protection of organizational assets from numerous internal and external dangers is made possible by effective network security.

  • Mobile Protection

Mobile security refers to defending against threats like malware, unauthorized access, device loss or theft, and so forth for both organizational and personal data kept on mobile devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

  • User Training

It is crucial to formally train people on computer security-related topics in order to increase understanding of corporate procedures, industry best practices, and reporting malicious activity.

Because cybercrime is on the rise, you run the risk of losing private data, money, or reputation if you don’t have cyber security. The need for technology is just as crucial as cyber security, let Intelecis introduce you to advancement of technology. Don’t be left as one of the people vulnerable to cybercriminal activities, talk to us and save the cost of cyber liability.