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The need for effective cybersecurity services has once again become highlighted with the recent attack of WannaCry, dubbed as the most destructive ransomware to hit the Internet in history. Encrypting over 200,000 computers in just its first few days, this malicious program is still active despite a number of attempts to quell it.

This means your company’s computers are still at risk. Based on the severity of this attack and the way hackers are continuing to use the WannaCry ransomware in new ways to exploit computers across the globe, it is more important than ever that you employ the right cybersecurity and disaster recovery services to protect your business.

WannaCry - What Is It?

WannaCry is a ransomware program that has been attacking computers in Europe and Asia since May 12, 2017. It has spread at an astronomical rate, affecting over 250,000 computers unprotected by cybersecurity services in only its first few days. It was initially discovered when it struck a number of hospital computer networks in Europe.

The program exploits a vulnerability in the Windows operating system that was previously detected by the NSA, with Microsoft learning of this issue later. Microsoft provided a protective patch in March 2017; however, it is believed that many of the computers affected by the ransomware have not applied this update to their computer system.

WannaCry encrypts information on your computer, demanding payment for an encryption key. Although the ransom is only $300 to $600 in bitcoin, experts warn against paying the fee. Doing so does not guarantee the release of your files and may instead only encourage hackers to keep using this tactic to extort money. A better strategy for handling threats like this is with good disaster recovery services.

More Dangerous Than Other Ransomware

Although all ransomware works in essentially the same way, WannaCry is especially harmful because of how easily it is spread to computers not protected by effective cybersecurity services. It can embed itself on your computer by finding vulnerabilities, making it unnecessary to open an email or click on any suspicious website links as in other forms of malware.

After encrypting your computer, it finds other computers networked in with yours and embeds itself onto those computers and encrypts them. Since this virus has hit entire companies as well as personal computers, the only recourse most have is reliance on disaster recovery services already in place. Even though a “kill switch” was accidentally discovered in the original program, hackers are releasing new variations of WannaCry to keep the ransomware spreading.  

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Prevention in the form of up-to-date and strategically planned cybersecurity services is the best way to fight back against cyber threats like WannaCry. You need the latest malware detection and network protection tools, along with a strategy to ensure that all software updates and patches are promptly installed.

The fact that a patch was released to address the very vulnerability that WannaCry exploited yet was apparently ignored by those affected illustrates the need to pay attention to what may seem like insignificant details. These methods, along with effective disaster recovery services that will restore information should an attack occur, offer you the most in network cybersecurity.

The critical thing to remember in this digital age of daily cyber threats is that carefully planned and managed cybersecurity services are a necessity for you and your company. To prevent attacks from ransomware like WannaCry, you must prioritize network security and disaster recovery services with the help of an experienced cybersecurity provider!

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