disaster recovery plan for small to medium sized businesses



Oh no! Another business has suffered from a cyber attack! You suddenly get alarmed that you could be next–and you should be. Hackers were able to infiltrate big companies, you think SMBs like yours are walking on thin ice. Somehow, hackers, these days don’t choose who to target. As long as you’re vulnerable, you are an easy one to victimize.


Getting your business online has been great and has helped you a lot when it comes to productivity and connectivity. You have been reaping the benefits of technology for a while now. But with this comes risks with cybersecurity. Your company’s data is open to an attack anytime soon. We know you’ve heard about safeguarding your data from hackers, but you keep thinking about the cost of a cybersecurity service, and if it is worth it to have one.


Did you know? The percentage of respondents who said their small firm had experienced at least one cyber incident has climbed from 33 percent to 47 percent. The growth is significantly bigger for medium-sized businesses, rising from 36% in 2018 to 63% in 2019. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Study, SMBs suffer a greater weight than bigger companies proportionate to their size. Additionally, studies show that SMBs are more likely to agree to ransom demands from threat actors since businesses depend on access to vital data and cannot afford the typical 8+ hours of downtime.


This is a sad reality knowing that you are here with the goal to grow your business just for some hacker to disrupt everything. Many people who are on the outside looking in may believe that once companies are back up and running following a data breach, the business will carry on as usual, saving a few setbacks. Nothing is more false than it is.


Depending on how much harm a data breach has caused a company overall, it could take some time for them to recover what they’ve lost and start making a profit again. SMBs occasionally experience long-term effects from a breach. This involves harm to the company’s reputation and a decline in current and potential customers’ trust.


Prevention is better than cure. Make privacy and cybersecurity a top focus. Your most sensitive data should have numerous backups created. regularly keep an eye on things and evaluate risks. Teach employees. Last but not least, check to see that any devices connecting to your network are set up correctly, secured with anti-malware software, and using robust encryption techniques. If time is of the essence and you are busy managing all the other vital business functions, you can always hire a cybersecurity partner to do all the work when it comes to your cybersecurity. These people are experts in the field and know what services are best for your company.


Greater risks comes with greater costs. Sleep better at night with peace of mind knowing your data is secure when you invest in cybersecurity. Here at Intelecis, we have a team of experts that will oversee your cybersecurity 24/7. Thinking of keeping your business secure from hackers? Talk to us today!