What is my secret communication tip to becoming a more effective leader? 🤔

I tell it how it could be. Instead of telling people how it is, I tell it how it could be 🏆🥇

For example, when you’re in a conversation with one of your employees, instead of focusing on something negative that you want them to improve on, speak about their potential and speak about what they could become and their true and fullest potential.

That is the same when speaking with your vendors or in other relationships.

Instead of focusing on what is negative or what it is that you want them to change.

Instead, focus on their potential and speak about what they could be.

Many of us, already know our shortcomings.

Many of us already know what we are lacking in.

So instead of focusing on that, speak and encourage what they could be.

So, I encourage you in all your communications with your vendors, employees, your spouse, significant other, instead of speaking and seeing things for what it is, instead, speak about how it could be or how they could be, and their potential.


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