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It’s important to have someone on your staff with technology expertise!

Did you know that small businesses usually can’t afford to employ a full-time CIO (Chief Information Officer) or an IT technician? It’s because they don’t always have work every day for them to do. However, it’s important to have someone with tech experience on staff because if your systems crash or some natural disaster arises you don’t want to be left trying to find help at the last second causing your systems to be down longer than they should be. Having Intelecis IT outsourcing and Virtual CIO services are an important too tool for any small business to have.

Our vCIO services are important for your small businesses if you rely on technology for their business to run on a day to day basis. Business improvement happens with the current trends in technology, with our services we ensure that you stay current with any new business improvements that your company may need in your technology needs.

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While using our vCIO service we can help you choose technology to ensure that when your business grows we will make sure that you have the most innovative technology and up to date technology. Some IT managers contracts can be a hassle. We make things simple and straight forward. If you use our services we can provide you with information for your current technology and provide tips for emerging technology to keep you updated and ensure that your productivity is on the rise. Don’t ever worry about spending unnecessary money again.

Included in the vCIO services are:

  • When you move we’ll provide office moving planning services.
  • IT assistance and repair services
  • Exclusive firewall, antivirus, and malware security/protection

Intelecis’ vCIO and IT Outsourcing services help you with all of the technology needs that your business comes to have. Also, this service will ensure that you have the most useful IT system and keep it running smoothly.