SecurityTake a moment to think about the amount of information on your smartphone and tablet. You undoubtedly use one or the other for work. Perhaps you use both devices for work purposes. Add in the fact that your personal data is on your smartphone or tablet and security becomes that much more concerning. Imagine the potential damage that can be done in the event your smartphone or tablet is stolen or lost. Everything from passwords to usernames, emails, financial data, photographs, and sensitive work-related information is on your smartphone or tablet. Our IT services team in Orange County is here to help secure your data on these mobile devices. However, you can do a few things on your own to secure these devices:

App Awareness

Too many people assume all apps are safe and serve a purpose. The unfortunate reality is certain apps are rife with malware that will infect your smartphone or tablet and pilfer your data. Consider the source of the app when deciding whether to install it. Apps from reputable sources like Apple iTunes, Amazon’s Appstore and Google play tend to be safe. Alternatively, third-party app stores should be avoided as they sometimes host malicious apps that tend to be dressed up as an allegedly popular app.

Establish a Passcode

Passcodes are essential to protecting your mobile computing devices. Otherwise, anyone who has your smartphone or tablet will be able to access everything on it. Plenty of the latest devices also provide the option to use a lengthy passcode that will prove nearly impossible to crack. Once your passcode is set, the auto-lock function should be turned on and set to the shortest possible time. This period is typically two to five minutes. Establishing such a time period will reduce the chances of someone finding it when it is on. Furthermore, this strategy will also preserve battery life.

Update the Software

Update the tablet or smartphone’s operating system as well as apps on the smartphone or tablet as often as possible. These updates tend to include security protections that will protect your device against the latest digital threats. If you have questions or concerns about such updates, software, hardware or networks do not hesitate to rely on our IT services team in Orange County for assistance.

Public Wi-Fi Might not be Worth Your Trust

If you are tempted to use public Wi-Fi to browse the web or transmit information, you should understand it could backfire in a big way. All web traffic on public Wi-Fi is public so it is possible for evildoers to monitor the activity.

Mind the App Permissions

It is a mistake to gloss over app terms and conditions. Perhaps there is a nefarious motive for the app’s access to the computer’s contacts, camera, microphone, etc.

Turn on Wiping and Remote Location

Stopping someone else from accessing your important data should be one of your top priorities. The percentage of smartphones stolen each year has dipped as a result of the increased use of kill switches. These kill switches make it difficult to wipe the mobile device and flip it to a buyer. Tracking apps help in the event the device is misplaced or stolen. Such an app can pinpoint the device’s location in a moment’s notice Furthermore, these apps empower the device owner to wipe sensitive data in a remote fashion. Remote wipes are somewhat similar to factory resets in that they erase all of the information on the mobile device so criminals can’t access it.

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