IT services providers in Orange County help businesses make the virtualization leap. If you’re unfamiliar with virtualization, it’s basically a “simulated” or “projected” environment that does the same thing a “physical” version of the “projection” would, but at a diminished cost.

For example, consider a computer with a hard drive. You can choose a “partition” selection when you’re setting up the operating system on that computer. If you’ve got the right emulation software and know what you’re doing, it’s possible to, let us say, have a Windows OS on one half of your hard drive, and an Apple OS on the other. This may or may not be advisable, and there are operational idiosyncrasies which will preclude such a solution working correctly, except it be properly launched.

All that to say is this: virtualization of environments in such a way boasts clear advantages in terms of cost reduction and convenience. When you expand this reality to servers, suddenly you can have multiple virtualized networks contained on the same server array. Expand that out a little further, and you see why cloud computing is as popular as it is. Thousands–tens of thousands–of machines virtualize operational space on the cloud for a variety of diverse clientele.

Communication Considerations

The issue with virtualization is in terms of communication and update lag. If you’ve got two virtualized environments adjacent to one another, they’ll likewise not be in contact. Security is usually blinded against what communication goes on between such virtualized “machines” because, otherwise, the network would lag. This kind of thing can open up a vulnerability to savvy hackers.

Basically, what happens is, one will jump onto a virtualized machine of the “guest” variety, set up digital “shop”, and go about compromising the other virtualized machines in a given network. What is necessary here is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Basically, MSSPs are like MSPs, only they specifically have a focus on security solutions.

As cloud computing expands into IoT and edge computing iterations, new vulnerabilities will naturally arise. Unless you’re working with an MSSP, you’re likely going to be operating with an open back door whether or not you realize it.


In the earlier scenario, it was supposed that a hacker may steal or exploit a guest virtual machine. They’ll usually do this to set up a base of operations, then attack the “hypervisor”. This is the paradigm through which all virtualized machines properly communicate with the cloud. The process has been dubbed “hyperjacking”. IT services in Orange County are geared at providing appropriate support against just this kind of issues.

Now, certainly, working with your own internal techs can be efficacious, but they’re not going to be as cutting-edge as a business that is dedicated specifically to the purpose of safeguarding virtualized environments, as well as other environments, in terms of the latest security.

Protecting Your Virtualized Environments

IT services in Orange County from Intelecis, Inc. can be an integral component of your cloud computing security solution. If you haven’t considered the necessity of cybersecurity for virtualized operations, it may be time to. Contact us now for security solutions, in terms of virtualized environments, as well as other professional IT security needs.