Cloud and IT ServicesCompanies of all sizes need secure and efficient data storage solutions. For small to mid-sized businesses in particular, the cloud is an ideal place to store data, because it’s economically very efficient and is an investment that provides high returns. IT services companies in Los Angeles can provide cloud data storage solutions that are affordable and efficient.

Cloud vs. On-Premise Storage

Switching to the cloud is ideal for small businesses because it is just so much less expensive than maintaining an on-premise data storage solution. Although you will need to invest money initially to transfer your data into the cloud, in the long run, your company can potentially save thousands of dollars. Cloud solutions don’t have the same repair and maintenance costs as on-premise solutions, meaning you’ll spend much less money on them in the long run. The reason cloud solutions are so much less expensive is because there isn’t as much basic maintenance that needs to be performed on a routine basis. This way, your IT services provider in Los Angeles can do more for you while also saving you money.

The Cloud is Safe and Efficient

Another reason it’s so ideal to store data in the cloud is because you don’t run as much of a risk of losing your data should something happen. Although the cloud is not completely foolproof, you won’t lose your data in the event of a piece of technology malfunctioning or being corrupted. The cloud is also very financially efficient and flexible to use. This is because you can easily expand the amount of cloud storage your business has. Instead of investing in a huge on-premise storage system, which can be hugely expensive and difficult to maintain, you can pay for exactly the amount of data you use. This allows small companies to store more data and expand their business without a huge price tag.

The cloud is the best choice for small to mid-sized businesses that are looking to expand. This is because you don’t have to move your technology if you move to a new location, and your employees can access their data easily from several different devices. Employees who travel can also work at their full capability instead of being limited while on the road. Retail businesses with multiple locations will also experience huge benefits from using the cloud. This is because each location can access the same data without using any expensive hardware.

Switching from hardware data solutions to the cloud is a worthwhile investment for most small businesses. Although the initial costs require some planning ahead, the cost savings are so large in the long run that it will quickly become worth it. Switching to the cloud is one of the best ways to help your business expand, and at Intelecis, Inc., we can help your business find the best cloud data storage solution for you. Contact us to learn more about cloud solutions and how our IT services team in Los Angeles can help your business move forward and reach your goals.