Cyber security Orange CountyCases of phishing attacks have steadily risen over the last few years. Because of this, businesses must understand the dangers of these attacks, as well as the importance of cyber security in Orange County. For example, a relatively new phishing attack has become increasingly popular, as it creates a fake Office 365 login screen that is designed to steal your login credentials. Nevertheless, further phishing attacks are formed on a daily basis and it is important to educate employees on the dangers of these schemes. Here are three ways you can avoid this cyberattack and the best ways to identify these scams:

1. Pay Close Attention to Web Addresses

Before you enter personal information on a website, it is essential to verify the legitimacy of this particular site. The vast majority of fake websites have a web address that looks a little off compared to a regular website. Fake sites often have grammatical errors and look unprofessional compared to a legitimate website. These factors must be considered before you enter personal or login information.

2. Increase Employee Training

Increasing employee training regarding the use of the internet can significantly reduce the chances of your company becoming a victim of the next phishing attack. Providing employee training on a regular basis will make easier for staff to identify scams before it is too late. A well-trained employee will be able to spot potential fraud easily and significantly reduce the amount of downtime a company experiences annually.

3. Avoid Falling for Scare Tactics

The use of scare tactics is a popular trend in phishing attacks. These tactics create a false sense of urgency that can cause an employee to give out personal information without realizing it. Partnering with a company specializing in cyber security in Orange County can help you avoid becoming a victim of such tactics through the use of the latest IT security features. For example, if you receive any suspicious emails asking for personal information, it is best to contact your IT provider for further guidance before giving out any information. Ultimately, a professional in this field can help you make a smart decision without panicking and falling victim to scare tactics.

As you can see, businesses must understand the importance of partnering with an expert that offers the latest cyber security solutions in Orange County. At Intelecis, Inc., we help companies of all sizes combat the various forms of phishing scams. Our staff is trained to help guide you through the complex IT world and help you avoid becoming the next victim of a cyberattack. We believe we can help a wide variety of companies through further education and around-the-clock IT support. Don’t hesitate any longer— contact us today and begin a successful partnership that will enable your company to reach new heights.