Cybersecurity is still crucial in 2022. Having a serious security solution is essential due to the increasing dangers to businesses and the lightning-fast advancement of technology.

We’ve all heard stories of companies paying hefty fines or even going out of business as a result of a straightforward system breach. There are simply too many risks out there, from phishing to ransomware, that you and your company run the risk of losing everything. The best course of action is to take decisions based on trends and the threat landscape. The protection gap widens as a result of more sophisticated threats that avoid simple detection combined with the operational difficulty of a skills shortage.

Getting started with defending your company from cybercrime and cyberattacks can be challenging. There is so much information available that it can be debilitating, particularly when the information is contradictory.

Due to a lack of internal resources with the necessary expertise in managing cybersecurity, small and medium-sized businesses have historically not given cybersecurity much attention.

This issue can be quickly fixed with a managed IT service company.

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