“Very responsive…”

What we like most about Intelecis is the fast response to our calls. You have transparent and reasonable pricing, professional technical services, great sales staff and follow up. Specific experiences we are very happy with is when you quickly help restore our systems after any power outages and got us back in business with very minimal downtime. The biggest benefit we received since hiring Intelecis is that we now have minimal problems and the rare occasions when there is an issue, the Intelecis team got the problem solved quickly.

Hiring Intelecis allowed us to focus 100% on growing our business

The best part of having Intelecis maintain our networks and phones is that we can concentrate on growing our business without having to deal with computer and phone issues. The biggest benefit we have received since hiring them is that our systems are now compliant.

We are always pleased with Intelecis’s professionalism…

DeJager Design has been using the services of Intelecis for a number of years. We are always pleased with Intelecis’s professionalism and positive attitude. Intelecis is always on top of our requests and is able to accommodate us in a timely manner.

We enjoy the relationship with Intelecis…

We enjoy the relationship with Intelecis that we have had for the past year. Your people are available and eager to help when we need them and not in our way when we don’t. This along with the quality of the work done are all you need to do to WOW us and keep us a loyal customer.

Hiring Intelecis was one of the best decisions I made!

Having Intelecis assume responsibility for our entire IT and Technology department, allowed my company to focus on our core businesses. Since the time we partnered with Intelecis until now, we have had less than a total of 1 hour downtime. As I look back over the past year and the many decisions that were made, teaming up with Intelecis was certainly one of the right decisions.

Thank you Frans and the team at Intelecis, for all your help, support and a job well done!

Peace of mind…

Intelecis gives me peace of mind with the service that I would be relying on to run my business…keeping me going without a hiccup.

Better and more cost effective…

We found Intelecis through a referral from another medical practice. We were looking to take advantage of new technology at the time and explore other options that would provide better and more cost effective technology to keep our patients’ information safe and secure. Through my dealings with Intelecis and them educating me on the benefits of the cloud and other managed technologies, I became a lot more comfortable with the concept, and I saw how it could make us more efficient and save us some money as well. When the time came to move into a new medical office after 7 years in one location, Intelecis took charge of the IT transition. We had minimal downtime from a computer and telecommunications standpoint. Intelecis worked closely with me and acted as my business technology partner. When I came in with ideas they would come right back with great recommendations. Such as our new secure and email encryption services. The encryption service proved to be not only more effective and more economical, but it leaves me with a peace of mind that not only my business but my patients’ information and privacy are secure”. “If you’re looking for a technology partner that will provide comprehensive IT management service and will give you peace of mind, Intelecis is that company.

We pay less and have fewer headaches…

Intelecis’s comprehensive service offering is invaluable to our organization. We no longer manage several different vendors and providers to receive reliable telecommunications and IT service. We don’t worry about maintenance, upgrades, and obsolescence. We pay less, have fewer headaches, use advanced features, and get friendly support.

Excellent and reliable…

The team at Intelecis is excellent and reliable. Any questions or problems were addressed efficiently.

Although I knew a few ‘IT guys’, there was not one who stood out as a CyberSecurity expert, until I met Frans at Intelecis. His team of CyberSecurity experts were organized and professional. Most importantly, they helped calm my fears and undertook the necessary requirements to secure my data so that my customers’ information would be protected against threats that are outside of my control. I am deeply thankful to Intelecis for helping lift a huge burden off my shoulders and allowing me to confidently tell my customers that their personal information is safe with me. If your business handles any confidential customer or credit card information, I highly recommend that you retain Frans Trisnadi and his team of CyberSecurity experts at Intelecis.

“The solution that really worked…”

We were having an issue making sure that everything worked all the time, especially with our phone system. We called in Intelecis to fix this issue; to come in and install our phone system and give us the solution that really worked. And that is exactly what they did. It’s just nice to have a company that we can rely on, that can come in a save the day, make everything work; and get everything that you wanted and exactly what you’re paying for. They’ve done such a great job and it’s been a great business to work with.