Long Beach businessesThe team at Intelecis believes that there is a more effective, cost-saving, and secure way to manage important information.  We monitor and react to issues, before they become a major problem.  Our proactive approach avoids down time, so your operation continues to run smoothly.

Founded in 2010, Intelecis is the leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) serving businesses, just like yours, in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Our highly trained team is made up of talented and friendly staff members that are ready to help solve all your technology and cyber security problems.

IT Support in Long Beach

The support packages offered by Intelecis offers and delivers exactly what you need, without breaking the bank.  Intelecis is the one place to offer all of your needs, including the securing of private information, offering effective data recovery & backup solutions, and providing expert IT support from our Long Beach office.

Managed Services

All IT services are managed by Intelecis for a flat fee, so you are free to focus on growing your business.  Some benefits, included with choosing Intelecis managed services, include individually tailored packages and monitoring 24/7, so network failures are non-existent. We also offer superior network security services.

Cloud computing Solutions

Regardless of your available budget, Intelecis cloud computing solutions will be able to protect your computer from outside cyber threats.  This service will provide your organization with protection from theft, or losing vital data in the event of a disastrous event.

Along with the most up-to-date cyber security and the best IT support, Intelecis also offers legal discovery.  Regardless of the size of your organization, there is a deal of digital and paper information generated.  Ideally, this information should be organized in a consistent and systematic fashion. Use our virtual servers for a secure data storage option.

Cyber Security

One of the main focuses of Intelecis is to find vulnerabilities that can lead to an internal or external cyber-attack.  Vulnerability assessment software is installed in your current network system, scans are then performed, and findings are identified, analyzed, and corrected. All cyber security services are fully managed for a flat fee.

Legal Discovery

Information Governance (IG) is a program that will manage this important information in a unified and comprehensive fashion.    Intelecis is able to provide a wide range of services and technologies, which will aid in implementing a plan, in order to organize vital company data.

Management and Retention Records

We will help your organization create a system that is practical and defensible in managing and retrieving records, including new system updates and refreshing policies, already in existence.

Email Usage and Retention/Disposition Policies

E-mails are often the main target of discovery, and having an efficient, defensible, and workable policy, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are in place, will decrease costs and increase productivity

Policies regarding social media

Intelecis is able to provide your organization with expert consulting services for managing social media accounts and cloud-based services from a legal perspective, including drafting policies, and addressing discovery, management, and archiving issues.

Backup Tape Remediation

The experts at Intelecis will work with clients, to create a defensible process in the disposing of data that is sitting on backup tapes.  Specialized technologies are utilized to bypass traditional tap restoration, and to reduce cost and precious time associated with this type of disposition.

Choose Intelecis

To keep your confidential information safe from a cyber-attack, and to find out more information on the services offered by Intelecis, call 949-829-2374, or send an E-mail to web@intelecis.com.

You may qualify for a 21-point cyber security risk assessment free of charge, so get in touch with Intelecis today.



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