Don’t you just love it when onboarding with a partner company is as easy as taking a stroll? How carefree it is, knowing everything is under control and all you need is to do your easy part. We know, onboarding can be stressful sometimes, you’d go through hoops just to get everything up and running. But that is not true when it comes to Intelecis. 


We will be your big red easy button when it comes to onboarding. Imagine, just three easy steps and you’re good to go? Here’s what onboarding is like when you switch to Intelecis:


Step 1: Assessment


We will conduct a deep dive assessment, which will provide you a comprehensive view of your current cybersecurity posture. 


Step 2: Planning


We will work with you to develop a customized system security plan which will undergo review and approval before implementation.


Step 3: Implementation


We will collaborate with you to execute the system security plan at a pace that aligns with your organization’s budget and timeline. 


That’s it! And you’ll be on day one to a 5-star IT and cybersecurity experience. Need more convincing? Here’s what clients have to say about our easy onboarding:


“My team was able to work alongside the Intelecis team and figured out how to efficiently run our business but allowed us to do what we mainly loved to do, which is working with people. And so, over a very short amount of time, and in a seamless way, we were able to see Intelecis not only help us diagnose problems but store information and do everything we wanted to do as well as not have me figuring out what we needed. They came up with the solutions themselves. We really appreciate working with Intelecis.”


-Mary Grace Lagasca, President and Owner of InJOY Life Resources


“We’ve had Intelecis on-board for over 5 months now and they are easy to work with and we feel more confident knowing that our company data is more secure with their 24/7 security monitoring. The Intelecis team who we work with are knowledgeable and friendly. They give me peace of mind.”


Irene Cuevas


“We hired Intelecis 3 months ago and it was a great decision for our business. The transition was seamless. Thank you, Intelecis!”


-Stuart Hoshide


Our business is to keep your business secure. Every company is unique, that’s why we assess and plan thoroughly to give you the best cybersecurity system that is tailored to your needs. Our team of experts will find solutions before a problem even occurs, so you won’t have to thread the needle on this one. If you are ready to switch to Intelecis, contact us today!