The way businesses approach school cyber security has evolved as a result of the new work-from-home paradigm. In a similar vein, a greater emphasis on distance learning necessitates that school systems change how they manage risk.

Given the number of students learning remotely and the number of instructors and school staff members working from home, security threats to schools are increasing, which is to be expected. The cyber security danger is growing as information technology (IT) infrastructures spread well beyond the secure boundaries of school networks and security systems.

This website offers tools and information about school safety in one convenient location. On a variety of school safety issues, such as targeted violence, cybersecurity, mental health, and emergency preparation, it contains concrete advice, resources, guidance, training, events, and funding opportunities.

Third Edition of the K-12 School Security Guide and the School Security Assessment Tool

In order to assist schools in conducting risk assessments and making plans to integrate layered physical security features across K–12 districts and campuses, this guide offers a complete doctrinal and systems-based methodology.

National Summit on School Safety

The National Summit on K–12 School Safety and Security, organized by CISA, brings together leaders, practitioners, and experts in school safety from across the nation to discuss current threats to school safety and to examine research-based approaches to addressing security risks and challenges in K–12 schools.

Packages for CISA Tabletop Exercises

A complete collection of tools called CISA Tabletop Exercise Packages (CTEPs) is intended to help stakeholders perform their own exercises.

Active Shooter Response Planning

These courses and materials include behavioral signs, the development of emergency action plans, steps to lessen repercussions, and how to quickly recover from an incident. They also provide online training and best practices publications that are all instructor-led webinars and workshops.

Response to a Bomb Threat

To assist people and organizations in getting ready and responding responsibly in the event of bomb threats or suspicious goods, this website page provides guidelines and tools that detail in-depth methods.

This website serves as a one-stop shop for tools to combat ransomware more successfully. It offers advice, direction, fact sheets, and other resources to help people and organizations avoid assaults that might seriously disrupt corporate operations and rob them of the information necessary to run and provide mission-critical services.

Series on Cybersecurity

This video series, created in collaboration with CYBER.ORG, offers guidance and advice on a variety of cyber safety issues, including phishing, ransomware, social media, online gaming, and creating secure passwords.

Institutions of higher learning must prioritize cybersecurity. Cyberattacks in the education sector are neither more common nor more severe than in other sectors, despite the industry experiencing significant issues like a lack of financing and resources and staffing. In fact, they appear to be becoming more common each year as reports of breaches in K-12 and higher education become more widespread.