Multi-CloudThe multi-cloud business model, supported by IT services in Orange County, can make your operation more powerful. It’s an effective solution for businesses that want a different cloud for each department, a diverse selection of computing environments or various clouds as storage for backup. Here’s a deeper look at why you should consider the multi-cloud model:

Multi-Cloud vs Public and Private Clouds

The most cutting-edge IT services firms in Orange County facilitate various cloud environments. A public cloud is a data center that serves multiple clients where you can store your data. A private cloud is only used on-premise with restricted access to just one organization. A hybrid cloud involves managing both a private and public cloud through one provider.

The multi-cloud solution can encompass working with multiple providers that each host clouds. It’s essentially using more than one cloud provider to access digital assets. The average number of clouds per business is about three or four. These expanded environments give a company diversity and strategic options that can protect your operation.

Benefits of Multi-Cloud

A major reason why businesses adopt the multi-cloud model is to protect data. It’s wise to store data in various places so that none of it is lost or destroyed in a cyberattack or other disaster. With multi-cloud, if one cloud goes down, you can still turn to other clouds so that your business maintains continuity. Using different cloud vendors gives you a solid backup plan if your primary provider has a power outage or other catastrophe.

Instead of risking keeping all your digital assets in one place, using multiple clouds can help you avoid downtime. Whether you have to deal with maintenance, a security breach or a natural disaster, backup clouds that store copies of your applications and data can keep your operation flowing.

Another reason to use multi-cloud is if you want to test new software. It’s also useful for creating rough drafts for web pages on hidden sites. You can use a separate cloud for experimentation purposes without worrying about disrupting your business. This strategy opens the door to greater efficiency and productivity since you’ll get to explore different services that cater to your industry.

How Multi-Cloud Improves Reliability

Using a multi-cloud solution makes more sense than relying completely on a private or public cloud. The problem with using just a private cloud is that one vulnerability can deny access to all your digital assets. Only using a public cloud runs the risk of compromising confidential information if the provider suffers an attack.

The multi-cloud strategy lets you have the best of all worlds, allowing quick and convenient access to files, and knowing that they’re stored both locally and on offsite servers gives you peace of mind. Using different clouds for storage and computing gives you plenty of options. You never know when latency or other technical issues affecting performance will occur.


Your business doesn’t have to be ransacked when one cloud provider has technical problems. Working with an experienced IT services team in Orange County to craft a multi-cloud workplace environment can give your business diversity and flexibility. Contact us at Intelecis, Inc. to learn more about how we can take your business beyond the cloud.