Every company is different, that’s why we always find ways to see which works for us and which does not. But one thing is for certain, we would always want to have a great IT experience. An inconvenience may occur more times than usual with your IT, that’s why you hire experts to help you out. Before choosing which type of IT support your company needs, you should know what kind of model fits your business and why it suits you best. 

We understand it is very stressful to keep having the same IT problems. You just want to hire the right people to get it over with. If you are tired and frustrated with the same dilemma, then you are ready to transition from a Break-fix IT service to a Managed IT Service Provider. To help you decide which is fit for your business, here’s what you need to know about the difference between a Break-fix model and an MSP model.


The Break-fix Model


A Break-fix model is just what it says it is, when an IT problem occurs, you hire IT guys to fix it. It’s like going to the doctor because you are sick. Once you are okay, you won’t need the doctor until you are unwell again. Basically, this model is project-based. You will only be charged for the work that was done. The service could involve installing, upgrading, or fixing systems, parts, peripheral equipment, networking, or software.


The Managed IT Service Provider Model


Meanwhile, the Managed IT Service Provider Model makes sure that there is no problem to be fixed in the first place. This is like the apple a day that keeps the doctor away. This business strategy focuses on proactive, preventive, and in-the-moment maintenance; it examines the IT infrastructure as a whole rather than just one particular problem.  If in a case a problem may occur, the MSP will ensure that you will recover properly and use the knowledge of the said problem for preventive measures. If the Break-fix model is project-based, the MSP model is a recurring one since the latter model is about preventing regular issues and company downtime.

To put this in perspective, an IT problem is like being sick when you were a kid. A doctor will take care of you and give you medicine to heal. This doctor is like the break-fix company. When you will be sent home, your parents will take care of you and let you take vitamins to prevent you from being sick again. The role of your parents is equivalent to the role of an MSP. Always there to take care of you when you are sick and make sure you won’t get sick again.


So how do you know what works best for your business?


The Break-fix model fits best to companies that are not overly reliant on technology, the IT issues are not recurring, you have a tight budget, you only have simple IT necessities, and you have fewer staff that are using technology. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, the only processes that you need technology for managing your emails and your website. These do not need preventive maintenance. The Break-fix model works for you and you can save money because you will only be paying for a specific service. 

You need an MSP model if your business needs round-the-clock IT support, you have a lot of employees who use your company database, your business is reliant on technology, and of course, for peace of mind not thinking about managing the IT department yourself. Managing an IT team can be stressful, and that is just one of the things that an MSP can help you with. Although it takes time and money to do so, partnering with an MSP is a straightforward approach to improving the security, networking, and communication capabilities of your staff.


Now that you know which type of model works best for your business, here comes the thought of choosing which company to partner with. You are a smart client, you will opt for a company that have the same goals as you and share your company values. Here at Intelecis, we are a highly rated MSP with raving reviews from our satisfied clientele. Our services have helped a lot of businesses grow while keeping them secured from any cyber threats. If you are ready to discuss about partnering with an MSP, talk to us today!