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Has Your Business Fallen Victim to Locky Ransomware?

Our Ransomware Response Team is ready to help. Specializing in Helping Businesses remove ransomware & restore encrypted files.

Locky Ransomware Recovery Services  

Rely on Intelecis to prioritize your data recovery because downtime has a significant negative impact on business performance across all industries. Numerous businesses have benefited from the expertise of our well-equipped Ransomware Team.  

What is Locky?  

On Windows operating systems, the Locky ransomware encrypts files and demands a ransom. Beginning in 2016, Locky quickly rose to prominence as one of the greatest malware dangers currently present. Locky isn’t working right now, as of this writing. 

How Does GandCrab Ransomware Work? 

Typically, Locky ransomware victims would see a ransom notice presented as a desktop background or text file.

The Locky v1 ransom note, which is displayed to users in two ways: as desktop wallpaper and as a text file. The image file is named _Locky_recover_instructions.bmp,while the text file is named Locky_recover_instructions.txt.

Encrypted files bear the following extension names:













Aside from the presence of the BMP and TXT files mentioned earlier, below are other ransom note files that were found present in Locky-infected systems:


asasin-{random characters}.htm


diablo6-{random characters}.htm


ykcol-{random characters}.htm

Malspam and exploit kits (EKs) are both used to spread Ransom.Locky. The Necurs botnet is the main offender behind the malspam that spreads Locky infections, typically as a result of a specially-crafted Microsoft Office Word or Excel file with malicious macros or a ZIP-compressed attachment containing a malicious script. The Neutrino, RIG, and NuclearEKs have all intermittently distributed Locky in the past.

What happens when a Locky attack is initiated? 

Due to the encryption of data that are commonly utilized for routine activities, ransomware-affected systems become unusable. It’s possible that affected individuals who decide to pay the threat actors behind ransomware operations in exchange for data access won’t receive their files back. Additionally, there is no surefire way to determine whether threat actors would keep their half of the bargain after receiving the ransom. Users who received ransomware and choose to pay the threat actors may also become future ransomware campaign targets.

Threat actors may use data held as a hostage that wasn’t returned to users or that was deleted after the ransom was paid to (a) sell on the black market or (b) build a user profile they can use for fraud.

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