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Intelecis can help you achieve and pass you client’s request for Vendor Information Security Assessment. The Intelecis Team is experienced in helping clients review and provide customer requested CyberSecurity Assessments and implementing the required Security Policies. Contact us today!

At Intelecis, our team of sharp Security Engineers, Threat Analysts and IT Consultants believe there is a better, more cost-efficient and secure way to manage your company’s data and pass your client’s security assessments. Through our Managed Security service we monitor and react to issues before they turn into emergencies and incidents. This proactive approach helps achieve industry security requirements and avoid downtime, smooth your business operations, and minimize costs.

Fullerton businesses

Here at Intelecis we have developed a Cyber Security Framework that will protect your confidential business information and client ‘s PII (personal identifiable information). As a result, we help achieve your IT Security requirements, from NIST to FINRA to HIPAA IT Security compliance.

Intelecis is a company based in Long Beach, California that specializes in securing your company’s data. We also provide excellent IT support and legal discovery, so you can focus on growing your organization.

Below are some of the services offered in our Fullerton office:

CyberSecurity & IT Services in Long Beach, CA

Cyber Security

Internet security is a major concern for many small businesses, in the Long Beach, CA area; however, the expertize of the team at Intelecis is able to provide you and your company with cyber and network security that will not only protect valuable data, but will also eliminate any IT issues causing frustration associated with your current system.

It doesn’t matter if your company has less than or more than 100 employees, adding the technical expertise of Intelecis  will keep you focused on meeting deadlines, instead of worrying about security risks or if your technology will collapse during a critical time.  Intelecis is a reliable, cost-effective way to manage confidential information.  Some important aspects of cyber security that will be addressed and monitored include:

Managed Vulnerability Assessment (MVA) is a comprehensive look at the possible internet security weaknesses within your company.  Hidden vulnerabilities, where your organization could be attacked, are investigated and remediation guidance is offered.

New cyber threats are looming, and the Managed Intrusion Prevention Service (MIPS) is a total security solution that will protect your important data against today’s most updated internet threats.

Intelecis does not just “alert” you to a potential cyber threat, we also “handle” the situation.  Not only is a problem identified, but it is processed, analyzed, and a remediation of the incident is provided, to protect your organization. Keep your data safe or retrieve lost data with our data backup and recovery services.

IT Support

Join the many businesses in the Long Beach, CA area, that have already relied on Intelecis for all their IT support needs. Communication and technology needs are rapidly changing, and having an excellent IT support system in place is vital for any business like yours.  It is no longer simply hardware and software support, but successful companies have a social media, online, and a mobile presence for their customer base.  The IT support team, at Intelecis, will provide services for web design, digital marketing, mobile technology, and also traditional and customized IT support. We also offer secure virtual servers to save you time and money.

Cyber Security in Long Beach is Vital to your company’s success:

Some important reasons to choose Intelecis for all your internet needs, especially cyber security include:

  • Cyber Threat Protection Warranty. Intelecis is the only company in Orange County that offers financial protection, in case ransomware attacks your computer network that was unable to be blocked by Intelecis.
  • No Risk Guarantee. Trust is very important to the team at Intelecis; therefore, a 365 day total satisfaction guarantee is in place for all managed cyber security plans.
  • Free Assessment. If you are not totally satisfied with the “report of findings” of the cyber security risk assessment on your company, any monies paid to Intelecis will be refunded.
  • Productivity time will not be lost or interrupted, since all security updates are performed after normal business hours.
  • Cloud computing offers convenience and security all for a flat fee.

Be prepared for a potential cyber attack

Intelecis delivers organization-specific, actionable threat intelligence to our clients, so don’t be vulnerable to cyber threats, contact us today by email: or call 949-829-2374.


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