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Our specialty is keeping your data safe and ensuring your business continuity for you to grow your business.

  • Outsource your IT to protect your businesses private information
  • Prevent & assuage data loss with Managed SIEM & SOC.
  • Intelecis’s IT Services & Support can manage your company’s network & confidential data.

Our Specialty Is keeping your data safe & ensuring your business continuity so you can grow your business.

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Dependable IT Services In Orange County  & The Entire US

Our IT services specialists strive to make sure Intelecis is a superior, cost effective and well protected way to manage your information technology. Through our IT services plans we observe and eradicate threats before they become problems. Our aggressive stance has helped create industry security standards and will prevent shutdowns for greater business continuity, and maximum profit.
Here are 3 reasons that we are SUPERIOR than any other IT Services providers in Orange County.
3 Reasons to Choose Intelecis for IT Services in Orange County


10x Service: We understand that we exist to better support you. Our company endeavors to provide worthwhile service. If YOU feel as though we did not provide at least 10x the cost of our service, then we are not worthy of working with your company.


We Are An IT Services Provider. By utilizing Tech360 our SecureCare service compliance develops into a consequence of supporting your businesses security compliance. Our company can help you construct a space where adjustments or modifications to operations is non-disruptive to day to day business.


We Decades Of Experience: For years, Intelecis has tirelessly toiled to provide the absolute greatest IT Services experience in Orange County, assisting customers in achieving and exceeding your organization’s objectives—not only your tech. Since 2010, our company has endeavored to support our clients with IT Services. As our fundamental focus is security, IT services are something we could do in our sleep!

Intelecis: dependable IT services for companies throughout Orange County & the US – Call Us today!

Perhaps you’re worried about the escalating price of meeting HIPAA compliance with your IT services, or perhaps  your expanding business mandates immediate compliance and need to quickly transfer control of your Cyber Security & IT services. Irregardless of the reason, Intelecis will assist you with quality IT services in Los Angeles & Orange County today!


See what other businesses are saying about our IT Support in Orange County…

”Intelecis was able to come through with a package that allowed us to not have to worry about our client’s identity being compromised in any way.”

– Eric, Taylor Insurance

“It’s just nice to have a company that we can rely on, that would just come in, save the day, make everything work and get exactly what you wanted.”

– Dale, Sevenly

“I was looking for an IT partner that could really take the ball and run with it and take ownership of the entire project and that’s exactly what Intelecis has done every single time.”

– Ryan, Superior Group

10 Reasons to Work with Intelecis for IT Support In Orange County


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  • 8 Things We Do Better Than Any Other IT Services Firm in Los Angeles & Orange County


    Are These Your IT Services Problems in Orange County?

    My company can not afford any more downtime!

    Our company is losing money waiting for IT Support!

    Our backups have not been checked or verified!

    Our network has not been documented!


    • You are visiting our site to research and source IT Services from our Orange County based business. However our employees will never put you under any pressure.
    • We implore you to consult our employees for any questions or concerns via our chat, or through email!
    • We swear to never use high pressure sales tactics!
    • Our Chat is manned by knowledgeable real employees every day that can provide you with an answer for any tech based question.
    • If you looking for specific pricing or would like to be sent more information about Intelecis send us an email!

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