Organizations of all sizes create digital and paper mountains of data and information. Ideally, these data mountains are managed in a systematic and consistent fashion which takes into account legal, regulatory, and business requirements and considerations.

Information Governance is a cross-disciplinary program for managing an organization’s data and information in a comprehensive and unified fashion. Information Governance is not a product or a single service or solution, but an initiative.

Whether your organization is just beginning to think about records management, litigation readiness, or data security and privacy, or you have a mature program, Intelecis can help you, with services that span from the “just getting started” to the “we need to decommission a 400 terabyte e-mail archive in the next 90 days” and everything in-between.

Information Governance
Information Governance (IG) manages an organization’s information in a cohesive and coordinated fashion across all stakeholders. In today’s massive and complex data landscapes IG is essential. Intelecis provides a broad range of services and technologies which help organizations plan, implement, and manage IG strategies.

IG and RIM Assessment and Roadmap
This service provides a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s current state of IG and records management. A roadmap for addressing risks and guidance on how to implement the roadmap is provided.

Records Management and Retention Policies
Intelecis helps organizations create practical, defensible, and actionable records management and retention policies, including updating or refreshing existing policies.

Email Usage and Retention/Disposition Policies
Since email is often the primary target of discovery, an effective and defensible process for retaining and disposing email can have significant downstream effects on eDiscovery costs and employee productivity. Intelecis helps organizations draft and implement defensible, efficient, and workable email policies that leverage technology while addressing legal, business, and regulatory requirements.

Social Media Policies and Cloud Governance
Intelecis provides expert consulting services on how to manage social media and cloud computing services from a legal risk perspective. This includes drafting policies and procedures, and assisting with technology selection to address archiving, records management, and discovery of social media.

Backup Tape Remediation
Intelecis works with clients to create a defensible process and procedure to dispose of data residing on backup tapes. Utilizing specialized technologies, Intelecis can bypass traditional tape restoration methods to reduce the time and costs associated with backup tape disposition.


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