Every year, the first Monday in September is designated as Labor Day in the US. It is a day to honor American workers and has its roots in the labor movement. Labor Day is observed with barbecues, sporting events, and parades. Around Labor Day, the American football season starts.

Labor Day has become the unofficial end of summer—after Labor Day Weekend, kids are back to school. For many, it is the last chance to take a break before school starts again for the fall session, and people take advantage of the long weekend to take a last summer trip. As a result, there may be extra traffic on highways and at airports.

Of course, while we are resting on this season, THEY will not. Due to hackers’ constant search for more profitable chances and the fact that the holidays provide the ideal setting for launching themed assaults, the holidays typically bring a substantial number of threats. Cybercriminals frequently use festive occasions to conduct attacks against unwary victims.  And you need someone to rely on so you could enjoy your well- deserved vacation.

Cybercriminals are well aware that the holidays are a peak time for Internet usage. Users consciously set aside time to send emails and messages on social networking sites to friends and family over any holiday. Therefore, it makes sense that fraudsters would use these to entice victims.

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