Cyberattacks on law firms are preventable, and the first step is to be proactive in plugging security holes. Any security flaws could result in significant data and financial loss. Cybercriminals rely on untrained hands and bad habits. They target companies with lax security and those who don’t adhere to recommended practices. This task is very challenging, but with awareness, following the precautionary measures, and having an expert IT partner, this should lessen the stress of protecting your firm.

Limited Visibilty

Relying on basic antivirus and anti- malware software is what of the most firms does as the first step. However, this is limited and as the method of the attack advances, risks of just having this kind of security are very definite.

One of the advance methods instead of just using antivirus solutions is Endpoint Detection and Response. EDR is a layered, integrated solution to endpoint protection that combines rule-based automated response with continuous real-time monitoring and endpoint data analytics. EDR is intended to go beyond reactive, detection-based cyber protection. Instead, it gives security experts the resources they need to foresee dangers and safeguard the company. EDR offers several elements that enhance the company’s capacity to control cybersecurity risk. These steps up with Network Detection and Response. NDR is a developing area of cybersecurity that allows businesses to keep an eye on network traffic for malicious actors and suspicious activity as well as to react and respond when network threats are discovered.

Security Controls

EDR and NDR are helpful, but they are also known for having false positive view. It is the human intervention that will determine the low and high risks alerts. Each time security analysts’ figure this out, the chances of the criminals going into the system is getting better. The challenge on this is to put the pieces together from various security controls and see the bigger picture. Once the information of the attack is all up, next thing to think of is the remedy for it. This has a negative impact to the firm’s time and finances. For smaller security teams, with limited cybersecurity skills, this is going to be a real problem.

Our Approach

24/7 Service. That’s what Intelecis is known for. Because attacks don’t pick the time of the day. Our professional IT are ready and is always approachable to any circumstances.

To safeguard the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your company’s assets, the Intelecis team is pleased to provide a variety of managed security solutions. In order to achieve the goals of the Legal IT security, we develop a tailored IT security plan based on the security requirements of the organization and appropriately apply administrative, technical, and physical controls. Our technical strategy incorporates Next gen firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention, cloud-brokered VPN for remote access, content filtering, and malware protection due to the growth of complex and current applications.

Do not wait for an assault to discover your vulnerability. Work with your security professionals to ensure that your network is safe and that all client data is protected. Trust the security standards you are using, but be sure they are protecting your company. Contact us today.