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Businesses across Los Angeles County and Orange County rely on us for all their IT services and support, here’s just a few reasons why they have chosen Intelecis:

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As technology and especially communications technology continue changing at increasingly rapid rates, having excellent IT Support is critical for any business and especially yours. IT Support has changed greatly in recent years and no longer encompasses just providing hardware and software support for your business network and computers. You now need an online presence, a mobile presence, a social media presence and more to communicate effectively and have the maximum reach for your business. Intelecis IT Support will provide all of that and more.

Web Design Services

Your business needs to have the best possible website to clearly define who you are and what you do and serve as a critically important communications tool. A compelling website design that is given the best IT support to optimize it for search engines, Web browsers, computer platforms, and mobile devices will help to increase your business traffic. Whether or not you engage in online commerce, a well-designed and supported website is a fantastic tool for communicating with clients, customers, media, and your targeted publics.

Digital Marketing Services

IT support works best when it helps improve your profitability. When you have quality IT support and solutions, your digital marketing efforts will prove more beneficial by reaching more of your intended clients and potential customers. A combination of content marketing, blogging, pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, social media and other digital marketing strategies and tactics will become more effective, more profitable and much more useful for your business.

Mobile Technology

More people all the time are using mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablet devices, to access the internet and find information online. If your business isn’t prepared to embrace mobile technology and changing consumer communications tools, your competitors will. The best IT support will ensure you stay ahead of the competition by adapting to the rapidly changing way in which consumers go online, access information, and shop. When your websites and marketing plans fully embrace mobile technology, you are armed with one of the most powerful marketing tools your business can wield.

Traditional IT Support

While there are many changes coming fast with digital technology and marketing, you still need an IT service that provides traditional hardware and software support. You also need protection against hackers, computer viruses, power outages, and many other external threats to your business computers, files, and network. With an experienced and top-flight IT support team backing your business, any downtime due to hardware, software, hackers or other problems will be kept at a minimum while you can focus on maximizing your business opportunities.

Industry-Proven Methodology

To ensure you and your business benefit from the best available IT support possible, a 427-point, seven-page checklist ensures nothing is missed and your IT support is the best possible. The checklist is the product of years of experience and expertise providing IT solutions and are upgraded regularly to ensure it remains one of the best in the industry. And if even one item doesn’t meet high standards, your system will be receive the attention necessary to ensure it clears the checklist and is the best possible system for your business.

Customized IT Service Support

Your IT needs are unique and can’t be served with a cookie-cutter approach that many services providers offer. Instead, you need a customized service that addresses your unique needs and ensures your IT system is the best possible, highly reliable, and exceptionally secure. When industry changes are coming, your service will assess your needs and proactively incorporate any new advancements to keep you ahead of your competitors and running the best program possible.


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