cyber securityAt the start of every New Year, people make different resolutions. Some of which, they will keep; while others just stay there for the records. Business owners take this opportunity to come up with useful resolutions for their businesses. IT support experts in Orange County recommend that you as you come up with resolutions; cybersecurity should be your priority.

Cybersecurity is not something new. Every business, regardless of the size, is vulnerable to these attacks. Thus, do not relax behind your desk and imagine that just because yours is just a start-up, it has nothing that cybercriminals are looking for.

Now that you are aware, it is time to examine closely what you should be doing in a bid to implement cybersecurity. Below are simple practices that you can adopt this year for your own security and those around you:

Seek More Awareness

It is likely that you already know or you have heard several cases of data breaches. You know how these breaches come about. Get more knowledge on cybersecurity. Talk to IT support experts in Orange County to learn about what can be done to enhance cybersecurity. You can also read several materials concerning cyber security on the internet. Enriching yourself with information is the first step towards solving the problem.

Spread the Awareness

Now that you have more insight into the matter, do not be selfish with the information. Share it with other people. Ensure that your family, friends, neighbors, business associates, colleagues and anybody who stands to benefit gets to hear it from you. Everybody is vulnerable and it is good that they be in the know.

Have a Security Baseline

Ensure that each end-point in your organization has a security baseline to monitor such things as authentication protocols, file and registry, and other digital services. Ensure also to track your progress so that you can tighten your security baseline.

Identify a Solution to Enhance Your Security

An established security baseline will enable you to measure your progress and even identify the weak points in your security posture. At this point, you should now come up with a perfect solution to cover up the loopholes.

Inspect Your Servers

Look at the commonly used servers and see what can be done to strengthen them. You could, for example, uninstall unnecessary software, update your operating system, maintain server logs, and limit open ports and traffic that goes through them.

Understand Things from a Hacker’s Perspective

Even as you work on tightening your security, it helps to understand the motives of the hackers. Read materials that expose their activities and know what they are trying to accomplish. This way, you will know exactly what you are dealing with.

Monitor Traffic Leaving Your Network

As you monitor incoming traffic, look at the outgoing traffic and watch out for strange behavior.

It is a good idea to work with an IT support provider in Orange County for cybersecurity reasons. Intelecis, Inc. is an IT security provider that can help your business counter cyber-attacks. Contact us for solid solutions pertaining cybersecurity.