IT support in Orange County comes in many shapes and sizes. With the expansion of cybercrime, managed security service providers (MSSPs) are becoming increasingly prevalent. Basically, these groups take security to the next level. Recognizing the ubiquity of threats at hand, they monitor networks and provide cohesive, consciously-sourced support. Help desks and contingency plans are designed and deployed or the maximization of safety. This strategic approach results in security that is more reliable. Several security functions you can expect from MSSPs include:

  • Antivirus/Anti-malware software
  • User-education solutions including best practices
  • Firewall deployment, upgrade, and maintenance
  • Software patches

Cybercriminal Enterprise

As many threats can’t be predicted, IT support in Orange County has a strategic element that looks forward. Rogue actors often facilitate cybercriminal threats. As the impact of cybercrime has hit trillions of dollars, literal startups devoted to cybercrime have begun to infiltrate economies in countries that aren’t so developed. The result is, predators that make their living by stealing successfully steal from big-ticket agencies. So the first line of defense many MSSPs will lay on such concerted thievery is often a firewall.

Firewalls and Antivirus Protection

Firewalls must be upgraded continuously as new vulnerabilities are discovered in conjunction with technological development. Firewalls from the 90’s may be likened to cardboard barricades versus the cement barriers of today. The cement of today will be paper compared to some obsidian element deployed tomorrow. This trend will always continue, so firewall solutions should be upgraded continuously.

User Education

Behind the firewall, antivirus protocols are used to identify threats as they develop and eliminate them. Hackers are ingenious at overcoming antivirus protocols through two things: phishing and social engineering hacks. Phishing is a bit more common because social engineering hacks require some level of sociability to succeed. Defending against social engineering hacks is best accomplished through proper training of employees. Users need to be aware of the threats, and preventative procedures should be put in place for them to follow. MSSPs sometimes provide educational solutions for businesses because even the best outward defense is easily eroded by internal weakness.

Software Patches

From there, software patches become necessary to safeguard against in-built deficiencies which exist through manufacturer error, oversight, or deliberate design. March 2017, a revelation that NSA directives had installed a backdoor in Windows networks exploitable via SMB port intrusion rocked the MSSP world. By May of 2017, the WannaCry worm interrupted operations for businesses in over 150 countries. Software patches often prevent such difficulties automatically.

Comprehensive Support

IT support in Orange County through Intelecis, Inc. provides security solutions to meet such challenges and also utilize additional protections such as disaster recovery and business continuity. Contact us now to safeguard your operations in a proactive, ongoing way. No security system is static in technology. Developing MSSP solutions are strategically recommendable.