Evaluation securityBusinesses that rely on IT support in Orange County can no longer assume that any technology consultant has all the answers. As technology changes rapidly, many technicians are falling behind on keeping up with new solutions involving security, cloud services, and mobility. The consequences can be falling into the trap of outdated infrastructure, which can hurt your reputation with customers. Here are steps to keep a close watch on your provider’s performance:

Share Your Business Goals with the IT Personnel

Your IT support in Orange County needs to have clear pathways to customer satisfaction as a primary goal. If the consumers are unhappy with online experiences, they are quick to start using search engines and clicking alternatives. You need to view your external IT team as an extension of your internal IT team without letting either group control your business. That is why you should envision your own process and see how technical issues are resolved with customers.

One of your first moves after signing with an outsourced IT support firm should be to establish a contact with whom you can regularly communicate. Developing a solid relationship with at least one contact will help your company stand out as important, instead of just a statistic. Your IT people need to know your business model and future goals so that they can introduce you to appropriate technology that makes your operation more scalable, efficient and productive. As your company grows, you will need to become familiar with more IT specialists.

Track Your IT Support History

Computer consultants typically give you a certain amount of support requests per month before adding in extra charges. It all depends on the terms of your service level agreement (SLA), which is different for each provider. Since this dynamic quantifies IT work, you should keep a detailed log of your tech support issues along with how quickly the issues were resolved and whether or not it improved your business.

Evaluating IT Support

Tracking support tickets form the basis for evaluating your IT team’s performance to help you determine if it is adding or subtracting from your bottom line. You may want to mix in other factors, such as feedback from your staff and customers. The overall evaluation should encompass not only technical skills but communication skills as well. Many tech problems can manifest over misunderstandings due to the large range of jargon used by technicians, which may not compute with non-technicians.

Make sure you maintain control of confidential information such as passwords and other access mechanisms. Be aware that some IT firms are only in the game to make money and will run up costs based on the fine print in your SLA. Ideally, you will collaborate with an experienced, reputable firm that cares as much about your business success as you do. The best quality IT support firms will be concerned about keeping up-to-date with new technology and informing you about the solutions that eliminate waste.


In order to maximize IT support in Orange County, it is advantageous to evaluate the firm’s performance and commitment to elevate your business to higher levels. Contact us at Intelecis, Inc. to learn more about how we can improve your technology and bring you greater customer satisfaction.