IT support Orange CountyIf you are like most business owners and managers, you are wondering whether virtualization and cloud computing are ideal for your business. If you are unsure of the differences between the two, do not feel bad! Most people confuse virtualization with cloud computing. These technologies have some similarities, yet they are not one in the same. The differences between the two are significant enough to impact your decision-making. Below, IT support experts in Orange County explain these technologies in-depth in layman’s terms:


Virtualization is best defined as software that distinguishes physical infrastructure to form dedicated resources. Virtualization is the main technology that fuels cloud computing. This software allows for the simultaneous operation of several operating systems and applications on a single server. Virtualization also helps companies decrease IT costs while boosting the flexibility and efficiency of the current computing hardware.

Virtualization operates based on a technology known as the virtual machine monitor (VMM). This technology separates the physical infrastructure from computer environment. Virtualization makes storage, workstations, servers and additional systems independent of the layer of hardware. This is accomplished with the addition of the hypervisor atop the layer of hardware in the position where the systems are to be installed. In general, groups that require enhanced control for security and integration tend to favor virtualization.

Differences Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Cloud computing is a service resulting from the manipulation of hardware, while virtualization is the software that actually performs the manipulation of the hardware. It is best to think of virtualization as a key component of cloud computing. Cloud computing is more about the delivery of computing resources, data, or software through the web. In a nutshell, virtualization and cloud computing work in unison to provide unique types of services. Our IT support team in Orange County can help you with all the nuances of these complex technologies.

The Cloud’s Appeal

The cloud can be set up and launched with ease. Take advantage of this service, and you won’t have to bother with servers, software licenses, and appliances as they eventually go away. Furthermore, the daily administration and care of support systems are the responsibility of the service provider. This frees internal tech resources for other purposes. The cloud is also helpful in that you can pay-as-you-go and scale with ease as your business grows.

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