it roadmap textIT support in Orange County can provide you with information you may otherwise not be able to acquire. Managed service providers (MSPs) deal with companies of diverse size and from different areas of operation. As a result, they understand common difficulties that characterize the modern market. Many of these difficulties occur as businesses begin to scale out. Technology plays no small part here, and if you want to avoid these common problems, it helps to work with an MSP.

Planning Your Egress

To expand an analogy, MSPs know where the road of technology is headed. They know where the rough patches are, where things are under construction, where traffic makes getting forward difficult, and if there are any shortcuts to a given destination. Today, we’re expanding on three top tips MSPs endorse for designing your best technology roadmap:

Technology Review

IT support in Orange County can help your business review existing technology to determine the best forward solutions for your operation. You want to know what kind of machines you have available, where you’re at in relation to the rest of the market, and the effectiveness of your operation. It may take a while to upgrade, and you may have to increase your investment in the process should your business be operating behind the curve.

Inventory of Available Assets

It’s not just enough to know what kind of technology defines your operation. It is integral to know how much tech your business has at its disposal. Again, an MSP can be instrumental here, as they can maximize potential. In some situations, it may be better to get all the use you can out of certain tech before making upgrades. Additionally, you may have assets which will continue to function well without requiring substantial upgrades.

For example: though the lifespan of a traditional laptop is between three and five years, maintenance could extend that. Simple word-processing work, in combination with available updates, can stretch a laptop’s life to eight or nine years if properly maintained. Granted, maintenance costs toward the end of a device’s lifespan make upgrading more amenable, but this might not be the case if your company is using the right equipment. Review and inventory of your business’s technology go hand in hand.

Budget Crunching

An MSP can help you fully understand what you’re working with and how to use it. You may find your existing budget gets you more mileage than you realized. However, because of the nature of technology, you need to expand at some point. What you’re looking for here is what can be cut, what can be upgraded, and whether assets can be increased during a transition or not. Sometimes the advantage new tech brings overcome the additional costs of installation. An MSP can help you maximize your budget for the best upgrade, finding you ways to save money through application of better tech.

Effective Tech Mapping

IT support in Orange County through Intelecis, Inc. can help you get from the starting point of tech review to the destination of upgrade on your technology roadmap. Contact us for cost-reducing technology solutions, consultation, and security protection.