The Internet of Things (IoT) has connected all sorts of home devices to the web. Troubles arise when these home devices are hacked. If breached, such devices can turn appliances, computers, laptops and just about every other device hooked up to the web into a spying device. It is now possible for a hacker to access a laptop’s webcam, doorbell, home security camera, baby monitor, thermostat and other items in your office and home. A large part of the problem is the use of similar or exactly the same passwords across brands and devices. Below, IT support experts in Orange County examine the challenges posed by common passwords used across brands:

The Problem of Passwords

Those who work in digital security often find similar products from completely different providers have the exact same default passwords. The issue is everyday people and those who work at businesses that purchase such products typically do not change device passwords after the purchase. These devices will then operate with malicious code for several years or longer. In fact, researchers are capable of logging onto WiFi networks by accessing a password stored in a device. Once this password is accessed, it is easy to hop right onto the network.

The bottom line is smart home and office hubs pose a risk as they provide hackers with an excellent opportunity to attack, monitor, alter and generally wreak havoc. Those who test the security of web-connected devices found out that they can access devices in a remote manner, alter the settings, turn them on and off and so on. All of this can be done from afar if the hacker is particularly skilled.

As soon as a hacker can access a device connected to the internet, be it a camera, baby monitor or other machines, it opens the door for even more control from a remote location. The hacker can build a full network of such camera models and control each from afar. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can help you prevent this scenario from unfolding at your office. Let the IT support experts in Orange County handle your IT projects, and you will rest easy, knowing your network is fully protected.

Change Those Passwords!

Do not keep the default password on any electronic item you buy. Switch the password to one with at least seven characters. The password should be a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Change your password at least once per year just in case a hacker is attempting to access your system through your web-connected device. It will also help to disable capabilities for remote access. Invest the little bit of time to change the password and disable these settings and your organization will prove that much safer against hackers and other digital threats.

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