Benefits of having a reputable IT security provider include: Around-the-clock monitoring; Additional IT staff; Cybersecurity training for your employees; Maintaining a productive work environment; Inspiring confidence in clients; and Unified threat management.


IT services security in Orange County is imperative as the frequency of cyber attacks is steadily on the rise. According to recent research, hackers exposed over 4 billion records last year. Six of those data breaches were the top 10 largest of all time. Failure to take the necessary steps to protect your data can lead to massive data loss and significant downtime. Fortunately, partnering with a managed security service provider (MSSP) can help you avoid becoming the next victim of these cyber attacks. 


Here are just a few benefits of using an IT security provider that specializes in providing the latest security protection:



Around-the-Clock Monitoring

The use of an IT security provider will enable your company to receive around the clock monitoring for any unusual activity. If anything is detected, the threat will be immediately quarantined to prevent further damage. You will be notified of any threats and receive instructions on how to best handle each situation. Around-the-clock monitoring will enable threats to be extinguished before they grow into a more severe problem. A proactive IT security provider is another added layer of protection in today’s IT environment.



Additional IT Staff

Most companies in Orange County have a limited number of tech-focused staff and cannot afford additional employees to cover IT security duties. Fortunately, an MSSP gives your company access to professionals that specialize in providing the latest protection against a wide variety of security threats. For example, instead of being overwhelmed with a problem, you simply contact the IT security staff and receive the help you need immediately.



Cybersecurity Training for Your Employees

Employees must be aware of the fundamentals of cybersecurity and know how to safeguard sensitive data for this reason. Cyber Awareness Training is not a solution that works for everyone. Each business is unique. Significant aspects include the industry, skill set, and culture.  The IT security provider will work with your company to determine the best course for your employees. With your employees educated with cybersecurity, your business in Orange County is ready to grow without having to worry about threats coming your way. This could be your advantage from your competitors.



Maintaining a Productive Work Environment

Viruses can cause computers to operate exceedingly slowly. It can be more difficult than you might think to meet daily goals when your employees are using computers that are functioning slowly. As a result, workers may waste a lot of time and grow dissatisfied with their incapacity to carry out routine tasks. With security measures conducted by your IT security partner, you’ll protect employee productivity and inspire personnel to realize their full potential rather than causing your business to grind to a halt.



Inspiring Confidence in Clients

Once your partner IT security company has effectively protected your business against cyberthreats and can prove to clients you are competent in this area, you will instill faith in your target audience. By establishing trust, you may encourage your consumers and clients to act confidently, have faith in their interactions with your company, and spend more money on your goods and services.



Unified Threat Management

Finally, one of the biggest reasons that IT services security protection for your Orange County business is important is that it gives you access to the latest technology for combating cyber threats. For example, your company will receive anti-virus protection, web content filtering, spam filtering, encrypted emails, and many other services. Purchasing these services individually can become expensive, and overseeing these applications can take considerable staff and resources. Luckily, the use of an IT security provider will enable you to receive all of these services without the additional charges.


An MSSP can enable IT services security for your Orange County business. Whether your company is large or small, an IT security provider can help you avoid the pitfalls of limited in-house IT resources. Intelecis is an IT security provider that helps companies stay protected in today’s technical environment. Whether you are a brand new company or have been in business for years, our primary goal is to provide companies with the ultimate protection. Contact us today and let us begin a partnership that will enable your company to reach new heights through state-of-the-art technology while receiving the latest cyber security protection.