An IT services provider in Orange County can help you to more effectively store data while remaining in compliance and maximizing the process. It’s important to note that there is no way to digitally store data forever. It’s all got a shelf-life. Eventually, data must be transferred from one medium to another. This can get costly, and increasing the complication of the issue is this reality— data compounds on itself over time. It just keeps growing. So, what your business needs to do is establish that data which must be preserved and ensure that it is. Several things will play into this decision:

  • Compliance issues
  • Cost of data management
  • Scalability

Compliance Issues

An IT services provider in Orange County can help you to remain in compliance for your data storage needs. As an example, HIPAA usually requires a particular time-frame for data storage. However, the goalposts of regulatory compliance are always moving; technology continues to develop. As technology develops, greater strengths and diverse weaknesses manifest. If compliance regulations didn’t shift, then they wouldn’t actually be safeguarding anything. Accordingly, your business must shift with them. If it fails, the subsequent fines can be disastrous. One of the best ways to remain in reliable compliance is to partner with an MSP. They can help you determine what changes are necessary and the best ways to go about making such changes. Additionally, it’s good to remember that data storage targets for compliance don’t predicate elimination of data after a goal has been reached. You can store data longer than compliance targets in many cases–that said, individual states may differ.

Cost of Data Management

Are you storing data on-site, or in the cloud? If you’re storing data in the cloud, this is usually less costly and easier to calculate. But if you’re storing data on-site, figuring out its cost-effectiveness can be a difficult proposition. You’ve got equipment, labor, energy, storage, and backups to consider; all of which are expensive.


Last but not least, you want to consider where your company is at and where it is going. If you’re scaling up very quickly, data servers could be used for operational needs. But in that case, where would you then store data for compliance needs? As you figure out a protocol of data storage, you must know your company’s forward aims.

Professional Data Handlers

An IT services provider in Orange County like Intelecis, Inc. can help you define the most cost-effective, compliant, scalable data storage strategy. Contact us now to get an idea of where you are and what you’ll need in order to properly manage data.