magnifying glassIT services in Orange County has some pointed advice for organizations that have been victim to a ransomware attack. You do have options, even if you haven’t set up the best security beforehand. It is advisable to have backup solutions and strategies for backup and data recovery (BDR) at hand. For the most part, ransomware encryption is heady enough you won’t be able to overcome it. But sometimes, managed security service providers (MSSPs) are able to crack through a malware program. It’s a dim likelihood, but not without possibility. That said, if you find yourself fighting ransomware, here are five key steps to take:

  • Report the ransomware attack
  • Immediately contact your service provider
  • Find a way to contain the malware
  • Follow your BDR protocols
  • Gather as much relevant data as possible

Report the Ransomware Attack?

IT services in Orange County will tell you to immediately contact the FBI should you experience a ransomware attack. They want to know about it, and depending on the attack, it is possible you’ll increase your likelihood of restoring operations even if you are attacked at a time when you have no backup. Again, that’s unlikely; but it’s a possibility which adds additional motivation to contact the FBI. Also, can alert other companies, which can be essential to the economy locally and even internationally, depending on the size of your organization and the attack itself.

Immediately Contact Your Service Provider

For best results, you want to get the professional ball rolling as swiftly as possible. Contact your MSSP immediately. If you don’t have one, and you haven’t yet been hit with a ransomware attack of some variety, it may make sense for you to get one and fortify yourself. An MSSP has specialists who can often get you back online fast, curtailing loss in time and productivity from a ransomware attack.

Find a Way to Contain the Malware

Sometimes, just turning off an endpoint as soon as the problem is detected can preserve your network; then only that portal needs to be rebooted. If you’re operating through the cloud, that’s not even an issue. Sometimes containment is more involved. MSSPs like Intelecis can help you design and enact containment protocols. If you contact them right away, they can also help you preserve operations more quickly.

Follow Your BDR Protocols

If you’ve got backup solutions in play, now’s the time to wipe the system and reboot. Your MSSP can ensure this goes smoothly. If you don’t have backup solutions, you may be out of luck. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes recovery can be achieved, but not always. Backup and disaster recovery planning is the best option for success.

Gather as Much Relevant Data as Possible

Gathering information safeguards you in the future, and can help protect other businesses. When and where did the incursion take place? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who was responsible? Sometimes there is no responsible party. WannaCry ransomware sneaked in through SMB ports.

Obtaining Support

IT services in Orange County through Intelecis, Inc. can help you design BDR solutions and better safeguard your firm against ransomware. Contact us to obtain protection in an environment thick with cybercrime.