Security ConsiderationsIT services providers in Orange County are increasingly advocating upgrading security and operating system solutions for the safety of users. It’s now possible for hackers to exploit both Apple and Windows computers in such a way that CPUs melt down. While it’s complicated, MSSP solutions are helping to combat these threats through upgrades.

Upgrades and patches are fundamentally necessary for those who are individual users and those who are operating a business. For proof of this, just consider the 2017 ransomware WannaCry. There’s actually something really interesting that happened here. Basically, in order to properly provide protection, the NSA built a backdoor into Windows machines that allowed them to keep an eye on operations with the aim of preventing terror attacks and cells as well as other ill-meaning miscreants from hassling the public and the world at large.

It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The fallout of this decision certainly seems to prove that maxim. What happened was that this vulnerability was released to the public, and hackers were quick to exploit it. The information was released in March 2017. By May 2017, the worm had been designed. Due to the built-in vulnerability, businesses in over 151 countries were affected by this worm, and it wasn’t due to employee error. The virus sneaked into business systems via SMB (Server Message Block) ports. While some businesses were able to recover, others weren’t.

Sourcing Safeguards

Meanwhile, businesses that allied with IT services experts in Orange County were able to safeguard themselves automatically through patches and upgrades. In many cases, automatic patches and upgrades can be instituted and applied more quickly than conscious-effort ones.

Granted, for some businesses, an automatic patching approach isn’t desirable. That said, there are many MSSPs who offer both automatic and conscientious updates. That is to say: systems are monitored and supported in a continuous way that doesn’t require the business acquiring the service to do anything. The MSSP handles everything.

Prescient Threats

If you think your business doesn’t need this, it is, of course, possible that you’ll be able to properly secure yourself independently. However, this isn’t likely, and all you need to verify this reality is a brief perusing of the numbers. Cybercrime isn’t just a fringe danger like highwaymen on a barren road in a remote country. Cybercrime is an industry that has a greater impact than most developed countries. Do you realize that this scourge is projected to have a $6+ trillion impact by 2021? That’s definitely considerable and indicates professional security solutions are necessary for proper defense. You only need one cybercriminal hack that successfully undermines your business to see bankruptcy on the horizon. This is easily avoidable via MSSP.


IT services in Orange County through Intelecis can provide you with automatic and concerted security solutions that will proactively safeguard your business against the kind of cybercriminal intrusion that can literally melt your CPU or extort your business. Contact us for solutions that can preserve your business from cyber attacks.