MSSPIf you are planning on engaging IT services in Orange County, you need to be very clear whether you want to employ a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). On the surface, it may seem that they are very similar, but there are marked differences. If you want them to help protect your business and your IT systems, it helps to be clear on the differences.

Main Differences Between an MSP and MSSP

A standard MSP will be on hand to make services and data usable and accessible for their clients and employees. It works on an operational level, taking care of IT issues remotely, and allowing the business to run its day-to-day tasks. It often charges customers on a fixed-fee model that encompasses the overall IT infrastructure support and monitoring services that it provides.

There will be some security protection involved in this, as there are certain requirements for every company. For an MSP that doesn’t specialize in security measures, this usually takes in the bottom level of protection needed; for example, firewalls, antivirus measures, and basic patches for software issues.

Benefits of an MSSP

Rather than concentrate on the overall IT issues a company may have while running their business, an MSSP will target specifically any problem a company has with regard to security and advise on how to surmount it. Obviously, they will cover all the basic level of security protocols that an MSP will implement, but their knowledge is such that they will be able to go above and beyond this to ensure protection for the whole company, its employees, and their respective clients.

This next stage of security protection includes managing and controlling any threats to their customers’ environments while suggesting policies and procedures that should be taken to eliminate risks. The higher level of coverage that they provide takes into account any governance and compliance issues that specifically relate to the industry in question, as well as SIEM, which is a mix of support relating to security information management and security event management. This will allow the MSSP to provide support for real-time processing of security alerts and any compliance reporting required related to this.

There are many IT services providers in Orange County, but it is important to look for the right one if you want to protect your business from hackers or other malicious threats. An IT security provider is the perfect choice because their experience will ensure that you get the basic level of security protection like firewalls, security patches, and general antivirus programs, but you also benefit from their ability to manage and control threats.

Make sure you are engaging the right IT services provider in Orange County for your business. At Intelecis, we have many years of experience in securing data and managing security compliance. We are also perfectly placed to help you with dedicated and industry-specific security issues, help, and support. Contact us now to start protecting your confidential information and IT infrastructure as soon as possible.