Tech IndustryDoes your business need IT services? Do you need a dedicated IT team that can help your business grow? With all the changes in technology that’s constantly happening, companies can significantly benefit from a reliable IT services firm in Orange County. To get a clearer view of these changes and the importance of an outsourced help, here are three growing trends in the tech industry today:

1. Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. One of the many benefits of cloud services is increased security and protection. If an employee accidentally deletes an important document, it can be quickly restored with the latest backup save. Storing files in the cloud is also cost-effective, as companies do not have to purchase larger hard drives to store many files. Besides convenience, it is also environmentally friendly— it can save thousands of pages of paper because everything can be stored electronically. Security is always a primary concern, and cloud services routinely receive patches to protect against the latest security threats. Another added benefit is the ability to work from any location. Whether you need to work from home or down the road on a business trip, cloud computing offers unparalleled access for employees to work anywhere at their convenience.

2. Data Analysis

Companies are continually processing and analyzing data at a record rate. One of the more recent trends is in-memory analytics. In-memory analytics does not process data on a hard disk but uses RAM which delivers much quicker results. Due to the speedier results, companies can be much more productive as they analyze information at never-before-seen speeds. Streaming analytics has also become increasingly popular, as companies are now able to analyze data in real-time instead of waiting an hour or even days after the information has been processed. To keep up with demand, your IT services partner in Orange County’ monitoring system must remain flexible to handle data efficiently.

3. Mobility

Employees are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for work-related purposes. This increased mobility offers many benefits, but it can also cause significant security concerns. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions have been created to combat against viruses and the various forms of malware. This software is specifically used by IT departments to monitor and secure any work related files on an employee’s device. Wherever you access important work related files, you can be confident that you will be well protected with MDM solutions.

The tech world will continue to change as cloud computing services, data analysis, and increased mobility evolve over time. With the use of managed IT services, you can experience the latest benefits of technology without the expense of an in-house IT department. Whether you are interested in better data analysis or increased mobility, our computer experts at Intelecis, Inc. specialize in providing IT services for Long Beach, Santa Ana and all Orange County businesses. Let us help your company reach new heights with the most recent technology— contact us today!